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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. I actually really like this...? I've not heard all of it but I like it's tacky disco campness. Landline is just a joy to behold. I agree it could be mixed a little better - but I actually like the soundscape she went for here. Might buy a vinyl and throw her some coins.
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  2. I’ve gone and ordered some physicals. This is good stuff and she deserves it. Some really good tracks in here.
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  3. I'm sorry, but this album is so, so dull. Every song bar the title track sounds like she's on autopilot - they're all pleasant and utterly unmemorable. I've listened to it three times now and not a single song has left any kind of impression. That's why artists should never listen to their fans.
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  4. I’m still enjoying this. Shrug.
  5. The extremely mixed response in here is making me check this out ddd.

    Edit: Listened to the first half of the album... Yeah, this is not for me. I'm not convinced the cheap, retro sound is intentional, either. That said, I'm happy some people are into it!
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  6. This album sounds great in the sunshine.
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  7. A lot of these songs get stuck in your head and sound better than on the album.

    Silver Balloons goes off in my idealized version of it. It’s chorus is stuck on repeat in my head for three days now, in a way that it wasn’t before the album dropped.
  8. I definitely think it's her worst album, but I'm enjoying it for the most part. The title track and Crying On the Inside are fabulous. Some is very cheesy and cheap sounding (Back to Mine!!!).
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  9. I think it sounds how she wanted it to sound though so I just embrace some of the more under-produced songs as it was clearly the vibe she was going for.
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  10. Reading the reactions here I initially just put off listening to this. I'm giving this a try now and you can call me a hag, but this 2009 garageband analog fantasy is it. Her vocals have always had this nonchalant aspect to it and it fits so well here, I can see her singing at a roadside buffet with huge hair and a sequin dress. It's the best type of tacky there is and I'm fully enjoying it.

    Back To Mine in particular... "there's Dennis playing frisbee and Karen's having a ball" sung over the mustiest and dustiest little cheap karaoke expedition... it's impossible not to stan.
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  11. Acoustic live stream on Instagram, Tuesday at 7pm.

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  12. Have we discussed how the album and single versions (at least on Apple Music) of Silver Balloons are different? You can immediately hear they are different recordings by playing the first few seconds of the intro of each back-to-back.
  13. Oh really? Are the other singles also different? I have to check this out
  14. I haven't listened yet, but judging by the track length on Apple Music (4:37) this might be the demo version which was also included on the Silver Balloons CD available via her shop.

    By comparison the single version and the version included on the album CD is 4:25.
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  15. Well I rarely listen to current/modern music, but I try to make exceptions for my fave girls (Lana, Carly Rae, Boots) and I am enjoying this LP. Just sad there isn't a retail CD edition.

    Oh and don't tell my g/f but I am still just a bit in love with Victoria.....the Silver Balloons video is too cute.

    Ignore me, there *is* a CD edition on the Boots shop.
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  16. I did actually cancel my vinyl... which I felt a bit bad about but in the end I couldn't really justify the spend and as much as I like the new album I don't love it enough to feel the need to own it on vinyl.
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  17. "Burn This House" with J. Worra out at midnight.

  18. So happy for her!
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