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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. So I checked this out on Spotify and I'm enjoying it a lot. Funky and melodic, it sounds so clean. Ordered the cd from Amazon seeing as I saw her lamenting how streaming wasn't helping her in terms of finance.

    I bought the debut album but didn't bother with 'Nocturnes' due to the general indifference and negative things I read about it. Well, listened to it on Spotify to and it is also a very fine album to my ears.
  2. I feel bad for her finance struggles, being a working girl and all. Harrharr.

    I should order the physical/merch to help her out.
  3. Saw her live in Los Angeles last night and I think you'll all be pleased that she introduced "Get Things Done" as her next single.

    Amazing show btw. The new songs sound great live.
  4. I love that 'Better in the Morning' and 'Taste It' have sister videos.
  5. Really enjoying the album. No filler here and nothing that drags on unlike Nocturnes!
  6. Plus they're easily Little Boots' best videos.
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  7. Yes! Thank you!
  8. I know this is not the chart thread but do we know when and where this is going to chart? I hope this makes the top 20 at least, she deserves it.

    As for the singles, are they making any impact at all? Are they being played on UK radio or somewhere?
  9. I don't know about sales, but they are making a bigger impact on Spotify than the Nocturnes singles. In a matter of weeks/months they have practicaly matched the plays the Nocturnes singles have had in two years.
  10. Working Girl entered the UK album charts at no.40 midweek but has slipped to no.67 by the end of the week. It is an outrage given some of the stuff ahead of her, but there you go. At least she charted, but given she basically does everything herself (including making three videos for singles) and the result is amazing, I do think she deserves better.
  11. I've given up hoping for Little Boots to chart, it's not like being an under appreciated indie artist makes Better In The Morning and No Pressure any less perfect!
  12. I think Help Too is going to take over my life for a couple of days.
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  13. HMV have put it straight into their 2 for 15 range, which means it's on the main/chart display wall(s). I expected to find it buried under B in the dance section.
  14. It hits that emotopop sweet spot.
  15. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    She should be proud nonetheless. The music, the videos, the artwork direction... everything is just great this time around. "Get Things Done", "The Game", "Help Too", "Paradise", "Better In The Morning" and "Desire" are all 10/10 songs to these ears. I would go as far as calling this her best 'era' so far, and without a major label or hot producers/directors that is a fantastic accomplishment. Working girl, indeed.
  16. Her personality sounds as sparkling as ever.

    Working Girl and Get Things Done have some replay power.
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  17. It actually did better than I expected, sadly.
  18. chortles. Half of these plays are probably mine.
    This album is on constant rotation. Its the perfect BPM for my cardio days.
  19. 'Help Too' makes me weepy.
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