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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. 'Help too' resonates with me so much right now, I am doing a lot of 'overextending' to assist some troubled friends and family lately, all the while my own stuff is kind of hitting the fan, and I've been bonded to the sentiment of this song.

    Actually, the whole album really sits nicely in my 'working far to hard for very little benefit' world view right now. That's why I appreciate her consistency with the lyrics, tone and imagery and don't find it samey or uninspired at all.
  2. Get Things Done is doing very well on Spotify. In one week it has almost matched Better In The Morning's total. Good choice for a single.
  3. Only two listenings : the album sounds absolutely amazing. Paradise is an instant favorite.

    (The pictures and design and styling are great but the packaging itself, the digipack, is awfully cheap).
  4. Working Girl opening verse / lines.
  5. I'm not really feeling this album at all. I suppose Better In The Morning is supposed to evoke Tom Tom Club, but it just sounds like a childish Rihanna.

    No Pressure is an EBTG B-side from 1999.
  6. K94


    Happy someone bumped this up - it's so good! My favourites are the first two and 'The Game' especially.
  7. The Rihanna comment is confusing me.
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  8. K94


    Rihanna is codeword for music post-2000.
  9. It's got that slightly Caribbean R&B vibe thing that early Rihanna had...before she invented S&M Porno Pop, haha. The almost nursery rhyhme quality of the chorus is also simplistic enough to feel like a lot of recent chart music.

    The tracks from the earlier EP, Business Pleasure, are/were more to my tastes. It's no bad thing for Little Boots to branch out a bit and see what else she can turn her hand at, it's just not my personal thing.
  10. How odd! This is easily her strongest album for me. It feels the most "her", in that she's able to carve a unique identity out for herself at the same time she's touching classic dance references.
  11. The only track I really hear any kind of R&B influence on is "Taste It" and that's mostly because it's supposed to sound like a cover of "Never Leave You."
  12. I'm totally loving this album. The only song I don't completely care for is Get Things Done, but even that isn't bad. Well done Lil Boots!
  13. Hands remains stellar.
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  14. Uno


    Seeing her on Thursday in NYC, anyone else going? I expect her to play most of Working Girl and some of her hits Remedy, plus hopefully some fan favorites (Symmetry, Crescendo).
  15. The production on this album is tight.
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  16. This sharp accuracy.
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  17. Even 'Desire' is great.
  18. I like Desire but feel obligated to take it off my iPod to let Better in the Morning do its statement piece thing.
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  19. I hear ya. I almost wanna put it under the Business Pleasure EP, and pretend it's a b-side.
  20. I'll be there! She didn't blow me away when she was in Brooklyn last November but I'm guessing that had to do with it being the first time she was playing any of the Business Pleasure EP live. Very excited to hear some of the newer tracks in a concert setting.
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