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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Two weeks on and I can't stop playing the album. It's so much stronger than her second album, and although it never peaks as high as her debut did, it probably is more consistent. The Game is turning into my new favourite but it literally changes all the time. Even Better in the Morning which I couldn't stand at first has turned into a grower in the context of the album, I love when that happens.
  2. Hearts Collide and No Brakes would really fit nicely alongside the Working Girl tracks, huh?
  3. 'No Brakes' is my favorite Little Boots track, so I'd think yes!
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  4. I'm still so impressed by Hearts Collide.

    No Brakes is great until you get to the spoken-word bit. Then you start saying things you'd be ashamed to say in front of your own mother.
  5. I love the spoken word bit in No Brakes!

    Everything on Hands is 8/10 or above except Ghost and Meddle. Earthquake should have been massive.
  6. Mathematics an 8/10+? It wishes!
  7. Mathematics is a 9/10.
  8. Eh, I still remain cynical about hands for various reasons. It was a staple for me when it came out, but it does not get many repeated listens from me. Bar Earthquake, one of the best songs she ever done.

    Working Girl is much more consistent, tells a better story, and feels more boots then anything she has done before, to be honest.
  9. The two below an 8/10 are 'Mathematics' and 'Symmetry'. Take those two out and put 'Not Now' in, and we've got a 9.5/10 album.
  10. Not Now and Catch 22 ought to have been on the album. I'm not even going to discuss that spoken bit on No Brakes!
  11. Like hell.
  12. Symmetry is stellar though.
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  13. Uno


    Was a great show tonight, I loved her little pink outfit -- suited the Working Girl theme very well. She played more songs from Nocturnes than I thought she would, and I surprisingly liked them better live than in the studio (Motorway in particular, didn't sound as terrible as it does on the album).

    Of course, Stuck on Repeat was the highlight for me. A bit pressed she didn't play my favorite, Symmetry. Also, I didn't really vibe with her rendition of Remedy this setlist. Didn't have that danceable feel to it as it usually does.
  14. Mathematics is amazing.

    Also, I'm really surprised to hear that the collective opinion on Nocturnes is so harsh (I don't think I'd actually been in a Little Boots thread until I got the new album) - I really love it.

    And I'm also really, really liking the new record. It's very good and makes me happy.

    (I seem to just like Little Boots quite a lot).
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  15. Don't listen to people here. Nocturnes is an amazing album.
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    It's a moody album, it's not something you can just play from start to end on any given day.
  17. Yes, my Hands playlist replaces Meddle and Ghost with those two tracks.

    Not Now remains the best thing she has ever done.
  18. Not Now really is incredible, definitely in my top 3 Boots tracks.
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  19. Agreed. Catch 22 probably sits at about 7 or 8 in a Boots Top 10 for me, it is also very brilliant.
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  20. Can I ask a question: I was listening to a version of this that I picked up on the, ahem, train and I was really disappointed with the quality. I then listened to it on Apple Music and it sounded exactly the same? Does anyone else think the albums sounds really compressed and muffled?
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