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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. That could be why I didn't enjoy my first listen through that much; I put it down to these modern artists and their penchant for making everything sound like it's in a tiny cupboard. Some of the rhythm tracks are so compressed they're almost underground.
  2. The Years & Years album is the same. It's so annoying!
  3. I'm listening on CD through fairly decent headphones, so god knows how it sounds on mp3 or via streaming.
  4. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    Maybe changing the settings of the Equalizer in iTunes could help?
  5. Uno


    I never felt it sounded muffled or anything. Sounds perfect to me.
  6. You should play it through laptop speakers instead.
  7. Yeah I don't hear an issue.
  8. I know, 128kps through my laptop...what was I thinking? Haha...
  9. It sounds fine on Spotify to me.
  10. I guess the sound./production has characteristics which might get garbled in some deep bass distorting on some older iPods...
  11. It sounds expressive and deep to me through headphones listening via spotify, and even better on my home sound system.
    So I'm not sure what you are hearing.
  12. Get Things Done doesn't sound great to me, but everything else is fine quality.
  13. 'Get Things Done' is supposed to sound a bit rough. Working class ANTHEM. Bring home the bacon and beans, Boots.
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  14. #LoachianQueen
  15. Yes actually. Only time I listened I used apple music and it sounded super dull sound quality wise.
  16. Listening back to Hands now, a lot of it sounds kinda cheap and dated...
  17. I think the album sounds grand. I have no idea what everyone is talking about..?
  18. The quality of the production sounds pretty great (deep and rich, not tinny and compressed) through my mac laptop speakers and my iphone 6+ headphones. Sounds a lot better than Nocturnes.

    Is there any particular reason why 'Get Things Done' is massive on Spotify compared to her other tracks? It's been streamed 342K times - the closest comparable track that was released at the same time is 'Working Girl' (58K). It doesn't have a video to help promote it - is it a single and played on radio?
  19. I just think she's hitting the right cord with certain type of audience with this campaign. Taste It has huge numbers too, for an EP track released independently.
  20. There seem to be two UK dates on the cards for Boots. London and Leeds at the end November. Excellent news! I'll be going to the Leeds date. I can't see any other UK dates though which seems odd.
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