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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. I know she's playing Manc Pride at the end of the month, but I'd rather travel to Leeds than subject myself to that, so I may see you there!!!
  2. I couldn't think of a more fitting song for Bootsy to cover. I want a studio version of this released on CD or at least iTunes.. All That She Wants was a real jam back when it was released, and Victoria sounds great singing it.
  3. Who's going to Berlin gig in October?
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    She nailed that cover. Studio version, please.
  5. Ooooh this is not what I wanted from her at all. This doesn't have the eerie house vibe of Nocturnes or the tight pop hooks of Hands. The songwriting is so boring and her vocals are just inadequate. At least Real Girl has a bit of an edge to it sonically, and I do quite like Working Girl.
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  6. That cover fits her perfectly.
  7. Nice cover version (and that's coming from an acer) !
  8. Ah yes, I'd forgotten about Manc Pride. She's playing The Belgrave in Leeds which is a tiny but good venue. Only a tenner too!
  9. Wait, when is she playing Belgrave?!
  10. Tuesday 24th November
  11. Noted.
  12. Working Girl truly is a gem, what a record! Boots never fails.
  13. How much did this sell by now? 5,000 copies? I feel a little sorry for her, she deserves better.
  14. Another delay. Damn.
  15. I love this album more and more with each play. Real Girl is my current favorite, but Working Girl and Paradise are also amazing.
  16. I loved it from the beginning but it really gets in your head the longer you live with it. I find myself singing Get Things Done and No Pressure all of the time.
  17. There was this ad not so long ago, promoting Little Boots' new album. I kept seeing it every now and then so I decided to check those tracks out. And, well... I only care about certain three songs. One is a standout, the other two are good enough.

    1. Help Too
    2. No Pressure
    3. Paradise

    I've become a bit obsessed with Help Too. Little Boots' timbre wonderfully delivers the ambiance. Whether it's the verses, the chorus or the captivating 'oooh's in the later choruses. So velvety, so vulnerable... A true gem.
  18. How can you not at least like Better In The Morning as well?
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