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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. And the title track?! It's the best song she's done in years.
  2. Better in the Morning is one of my least favorites, but I do like it. Unlike Nocturnes, there is no track here that I don't really care for at all (Hush, if it counts, and to a lesser extent Confusion).
  3. Hush is a great song. Shame it was only a Japanese bonus track. But I understand why it wouldn't have fit on the standard version of the album.. My expanded version (on iTunes) contains everything released from that era.
  4. She has recorded a collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre which is included on his Electronica Part 1 album due out in October.

  5. Sounds very Boots, actually. Good song.
  6. This is her best album, I still find her a little bit dull at times, but it's definitely a strong album as a whole, Nocturnes was really inconsistent, but also had her best songs like Strangers and Every Night I Say Prayer (but they ruined it a little, the single version was mixed in a superior way)
  7. Just downloaded "If!" from iTunes. It sounds good.. it sounds like it should have been the lead single to her follow up after Hands.

    I continue to be shocked by all the hate for Nocturnes.
  8. Finally given the album some proper ear time and I just wish she'd decided the 'Business Pleasure' tracks were an interesting experiment, then discarded them for being too lightweight and written some replacements that were more like 'Motorway'.

    Loving 'Better In The Morning' and 'Get Things Done' though.
  9. Likewise. It's still her best album
  10. @kaushik - would you have a list (to see what I might be missing)?
  11. Lightweight? If anything, they are more experimental and daring than the rest of the bunch.
  12. It's the best 2015 album so far for me. Haunting, minimal and maximal at the same time, full of beautiful choruses – and without the occasional dullness Little Boots's music is capable of sometimes.
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  13. Have listened to them a lot (headphones, in the car, on the proper stereo) hoping they'd grow on me and then 5 minutes after listening and I can't even recall them. Aside from "Heroine" which is getting there, but that's offset by the annoyance of "Business Pleasure" and "Taste it".

    I also think her vocals are stronger on the other album tracks.
  14. This is what the album is like on my iTunes:
    01 Motorway
    02 Confusion
    03 Broken Record
    04 Hush - Japanese Bonus track
    05 Shake - album version
    06 Headphones
    07 Beat Beat
    08 Every Night I Say A Prayer - single version
    09 Superstitious Heart
    10 Crescendo
    11 Strangers
    12 All For You
    13 Satellite
    14 Whatever Sets You Free

    Part two of the album contains a bunch of my favourite remixes and the Nocturnal Versions as well..
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  15. Fair enough. "Taste It" remains one of my favorite tracks and I love the way she plays with her vocals on that song and manipulates them during the chorus.
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  16. Her new song with Jean-Michel Jarre has jumped right to the top of her most streamed songs on Spotify.
  17. Jean-Michel Jarre has a huge fanbase, believe it or not.
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  18. I have just heard the Vicetown remix of 'Working Girl' it is now my favourite Little Boots track since her debut album, so much better than the original

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  19. So... Part two of the remixes is up on iTunes. 2 remixes of No Pressure (again), 2 of Get Things done and 1 dub mix of No Pressure. First set had better ones, but I think none of them are as good as the ones we during the Nocturnes era.
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