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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. No extended mix of the title track?! What gives, Victoria?
  2. I’m really disappointed with these remix bundles, I was expecting it to be two halves of a proper remix album...
  3. Oh, that would be heaven. One of her best songs.
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  4. They are more akin to remixed single EPs... be nice to have mixes of all the tracks
  5. I'm a huge Little Boots fan & 'Working Girl' is really good, but upon my first 5 or 6 listens it was my least favorite of her three records. That said it's a grower & is incredibly subversive in its themes & production compared to say the all out perfect pop-fest that is "E·MO·TION" (the pop album of the year so far for me).

    Comparing those two records might be like comparing '1999' to 'Thriller'. One was designed as a radio friendly pop masterpiece and one was a bit more challenging & demanding of the listener in its themes & production...but both are classics. 'Working Girl' is quite brilliant and deserves as much attention as "E·MO·TION" if you like 80's inspired pop. Anyway, these are just some some random thoughts a couple months into 'Working Girl'.

    This is a golden age for female driven pop music... and much like the early 80's it's a very good year for fans of pop muzik.
  6. He


    Went to her Amsterdam concert today, it was beyond great!

    I ran into her while entering the venue and I kind of froze (I've loved her since Stuck On Repeat), and she was very sweet and scared not many people would show up.

    The venue was very small, but it was quite crowded when she came on. Beyond some technical problems at the beginning, it went on smoothly and she killed. The set list is awfully short, though, but it hit all the right cords with the audience and people were dancing, cheering and singing along most of the time; her backup singers/dancers are great!
    A friend and I talked to her after queueing (quite a few stayed to meet her and take pictures), we bought the album since there was no vinyl, and she was so pleased and grateful, hugged us several times and was amazed we watched "Working Girl" and adored "The Day Before You Came". Oh and she gave us the Working Girl stationary package for free! (I like to believe no one else got it for free, so she liked us best, haha)

    Ah, amazing night... she didn't do Help Too nor Paradise (two of my favorites), but that would have been too perfect, I guess.
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  7. But did she do Real Girl?
  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Working Girl is much better than Nocturnes. Probably on par with Hands. That is all.
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    Sadly no, it was a short set like I said; she did:

    Working Girl
    No Pressure
    Get Things Done
    Taste It
    New In Town
    Motorway (nice new live mix)
    Stuck On Repeat
    Every Night I Say A Prayer
    Remedy (new arrangement)

    All That She Wants (Ace Of Base cover)
    Better In The Morning

    Even though the cover was nice, I would have totally included Help Too in the encore, and Paradise and Real Girl somewhere in the setlist.

    I have to say it was really nice seeing the crowd react so positively: people sang along to Taste It, Remedy, New In Town, and danced like crazy to Prayer and Shake.
  10. I happened to check this out and it really is one of the strongest pop albums of the year. It's a shame it flew under the radar.
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    It is, I wish some publications would give it a chance, because it is really very strong.
  12. She's playing a show at Berghain in Berlin tomorrow and I'm pissed that I can't go. Paradise belongs in the setlist though, for sure. It's one of the highlights and the most underrated track on the album.
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  13. Is anybody going at Berlin gig? I having interview with her, I am excited!
  14. Better In The Morning is amazing but a tour closer it is not.
  15. You're going to interview her? That's amazing. For which mag though?

    Ask her why she hasn't collaborated with Andy Butler yet? I've seen recent pics of them together at some party and thought they would be a match made in heaven.
  16. I've met Andy twice and actually asked him why he is not producing Madonna's upcoming album (that was before RH was out). He told me that he actually sent her a bunch of demos but never heard back from her. So that's that, they will probably never going to work together unfortunately. She's such a silly bitch sometimes.
  17. He


    Yeah, I know it was the first single, but it does not pack the punch to close the gig. Taste It would have been the better single to close with.
  18. Shame the album didn't get more press, it takes the best bits of her first two albums.

    I can hardly listen to Hands anymore though, she was still finding her groove when that was released.
  19. My friends's music blog. I especially came to the venue from Poland.

    The news: Victoria plans a new EP (she might include some Richard X's track/s, she has more songs with him than Back Together) and records studio version of All That She Wants cover. And she heard new Annie's EP.

    It's me with her
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