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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  2. An EP with Richard X? I hope you're not kidding.. I'm super excited for this!
  3. Interview me please! She looks so happy to be next to you.

    Richard X ep would be amazing.
  4. I mean track or more, no whole produced by him. I thought Back Together was their first collaboration, but Victoria said she has more songs. Don't know if they are recorded or just written.
  5. They go way back - didn't he work with her when she was still in Dead Disco? Oh my God, are they dusting off the unheard Dead Disco songs?

    Also didn't those sessions turn into "Prayer" and "All for You?"
  6. That would be awesome!
  7. An EP with some Richard X tracks sounds like something I want.
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  8. That's so amazing, I'm slightly jealous! She looks cute as hell (and so do you).
  9. Five great videos from the Berlin concert uploaded to Youtube. Much higher than average quality -thanks to Twelve Roses for putting them up there. Here is All that she wants -really hoping this gets released as a studio version as Deer Stop suggests.

  10. He


    I was so sure she was the one doing the interludes of the album, but the credits say otherwise.
  11. Oh my, that sounds exciting, she (and her albums) are really constantly getting better.

    Plus, you're a babe.
  12. She only did Intro. But performed piano version of Help Too as one of her encores.

    I really enjoyed the gig, but the set list should be more focused on the Working Girl trakcs.
  13. Did she perform "Business Pleasure"? It's possibly my favourite from the album and I'm a little surprised that it hasn't (yet) been a single. Nocturnes left me cold but Working Girl is such a pleasant surprise.
  14. He


    No, I mean in the studio versions, some other woman is credited as the voice for Intro and Interlude, and I had assumed it was Victoria all along.

    She did Help Too? We really wanted her to do it in Amsterdam! Damn. But you're right, three more tracks from Working Girl would have made the setlist perfect.
  15. Help Too acoustic from Berlin.

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  16. I takes skill to play Korg acoustically
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  17. I was thinking it, but you said it.
  18. Silly me, I just read your post so quickly. This woman really sound like Victoria. I forgot to ask her about it.
  19. The news about an EP, the Ace of Base cover, and Richard X is almost all too exciting.
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  20. Good video, but the whole "working girl" aesthetic is starting to feel a little.. Tired? I wish she'd done something more with it, it's very obvious. But it's nicely executed.
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