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Little Boots - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. 1. Get Things Done
    2. The Game
    3. Working Girl
    4. Help Too
    5. No Pressure
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  2. Real Girl, Working Girl, and Help Too are the top tracks.
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  3. Help Too gets me every time.
  4. Taste It
    Working Girl
    No Pressure
    Better In The Morning
    Business Pleasure

    would be my choices but there is not a single song on the record that i do not like.
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  5. finally got to listen to 'Beat of your Heart' unreleased tracks - 'Antarctica' is a quality bit of tune!

    Still not feeling this album as much as Nocturnes tho. That's despite the fact that I'm walking round humming 'Get Things Done'...
  6. Good choices, I would only swap No Pressure with Get Things Done. Apart from that, we share the same favorites.
  7. 'Real Girl' is the definite highlight for me. It sounds like something Robyn would be proud of, which is always a plus in my book. But really, Victoria's knocked it out of the park with the whole album. It flows beautifully, too, so it feels almost painful to select only 5 songs. Music and visuals are both extremely accomplished - I just love it when an artist is able to do that. Between Little Boots, Róisín and Florence it's been a very good year for pop music in that regard.
  8. Has anyone gone to a DJ night with her?
  9. Saw her do a DJ set in Glastonbury, which was more like a proper gig than a DJ set (doing her own stuff). Dunno if that was just for Glastonbury tho.
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  10. Is anyone seeing her in Leeds tonight? I'm hoping to get some Business Pleasure stationery seeing as I missed out the first time round.
  11. I'm going to the London date Thursday, tho my mate has just pulled out.
  12. Noooooo! I hope you're still going to go.
  13. He


    Do get it! I love my "Working Girl" pin.
  14. I'm a sucker for post-it notes.
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  15. I'm late to getting into this but Real Girl, Help Too and Better in the Morning are fucking amazing. The whole album is immaculately produced and I'm shocked to find out that whilst the album has such a cohesive feel, according to Wikipedia, different producers worked on every song.

    I can't wait to own this on vinyl soon.
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  16. Another look at her Wikipedia and her and I share the same birthday too. Twinsies.
  17. Oh yes, will find someone to drag along with me.
  18. She was really great last night and the new stuff sounds so fun live. The lighting was....odd though. There was a little bit of stationery on the merch stall, post-its and stickers, but they were only giving them away with the other purchases. Thankfully the lovely lady on the stall made me an offer and the post-its are mine! I am easily pleased.
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  19. Just a heads up in case anyone here would like to take part - I'm hosting a Little Boots Discography Rate over in Lists & Charts and would love to have your votes! Scores are due by 4th January, so we have just under three weeks to go, and I'd love to receive more ballots!

    If you've never participated in a rate before and/or have any questions, let me know and I'm happy to lend a hand. Thanks in advance!
  20. I’m game!
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