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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Thank you @bichard and @He . I listened to the album last night. Working girl, no pressure, heroine, help too, bussines pleasure, paradise, better in the morning and desire were my favorites. Overall I think the album is very good. And yes, I would like more recommendations of her previous stuff. Thanks!
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  2. @Blackout Zone @Zar-Unity
    Yeah, not to blow my own trumpet too much, but I hosted a recent rate that concluded a couple of weeks ago. It might be worth looking over and act as a nice starting point for enjoying some of her extra work and deep cuts; there's lots of great commentary and sizeable write-ups for each track!
  3. I think Nocturnes is tremendously underrated.
  4. I've really come around to it over the years.
  5. I love 'Pretty Tough'.

    EDIT: Also, her cover of 'Smalltown Boy' is fabulous.

    Didn't really care for Nocturnes, but Working Girl was a nice return to form.
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  6. I can safely say that Nocturnes is her worst record.Most of it just floats through my ears without getting my attention in both ends of the spectrum
  7. I didn't like Nocturnes much when it came out, but in hindsight its essential.
    Working Girl still remains my favorite album of hers, its just slick classic pop.
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  8. I listened to Nocturnes again last night and I was about to give it the award for best Little Boots album, but then I heard Hands again and it still won. But damn, Nocturnes is so consistently good! Underrated indeed. Working girl is a great effort though, and in some ways a return to form on Little Boots big pop sound that she started with on Hands.

    You guys won't like me saying this but, "real girl" is my least liked track on Working girl..but I pretty much love all of her other tracks on that album. But I like that real girl kinda reminds me of this awesome Turkish pop gem.. (which I actually submitted several contests ago here and it got no notice at all, probably because of the language barrier)

    Anybody else think the beats in these two songs are similar, are just me?

  9. Nocturnes is truly fantastic. Hands is great and Working Girl is eclectic and has fine moments.

    And if you can find it online, a leaked 'second' album Beat of Your Heart is very good
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  10. Also check out @Number 's rate for some insightful LIttle Boots info. And some disagreement over Taste It.
  11. It goes Working Girl > Nocturnes >(>>>) Hands so she's looking pretty golden. (Though it's interesting to listen to Hands and realize in retrospect that it's not as faceless as it seemed when it came out.)
  12. Smalltown Boy is brilliant. It left far too early in @Number's rate!

    I have the agree that Nocturnes is probably my least favourite of her albums, due to its general lack of all-out POP! (It would have benefitted greatly from the inclusion of Headphones). It really comes across as more of a mood piece, with only Shake and Every Night I Say A Prayer standing out from the general pleasantness of the album. It hangs together brilliantly though. I also see it as Bootsie flicking the finger to 679, the music industry and her previous incarnation. The pop is certainly back on Working Girl, but there's still plenty of the dance inflections found on Nocturnes as well.

    I'd love a proper, mastered version of the pop tracks that were shelved (then leaked) by Boots during the Nocturnes recording process. There's some great stuff on there, and Contradiction could be one of the best things she's ever done given a bit more work.

    Hands remains an electro pop classic.
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  13. I think Little Boots hated being a popstar as soon as New In Town failed to break the Top Ten.
  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    LB always getting that promo in.
  15. NEW EP? Yas Queen.
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  16. He


  17. Victoria should have her own column on PopJustice. She writes such good critiques about pop music.
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  18. He


    I cannot get enough of he insider scoop from the 679 days.
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  19. The article was good! And New In Town is still one of the best pop songs I have ever stumbled across upon
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