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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bichard, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. One more sleep till the EP drops.
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  2. Eros is everything!
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  3. Eros is AMAZING
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  4. I love them all but Picture is my fave of the singles and river is my fave of the new tracks
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  5. I think Picture is also my fave from all the tracks but Eros is such a banger, this made me so hungry for another album
  6. He


    Oh, I have to get on this today.
  7. Both Eros and River are great. I‘m loving this EP.
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  8. Eros and River can double penetrate me.
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  9. I forgot this was coming out today. Gotta check it out later.
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  10. Well, Eros and River are both interesting. I like them, but I don't think I'll keep coming back to them.

    Picture is still really good though.
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  11. This. Especially in the Boots thread, she’s released a couple of songs on limited print Vinyl complications and they’re nearly impossible to get hold of now.
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  12. She has? If you're talking about Superstitious Heart and Whatever Sets You Free, they are both available losslessly on places like Beatport. What other vinyl exclusives have I missed?
  13. first song that springs to mind is one called Better which was released on a compilation album that was just on Vinyl to promote the format and I haven’t been able to find it online anywhere to purchase or stream. Still never heard it.
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  14. I remember being annoyed by that Better song as well. Why do format exclusives in a post-download world?! Do both if you must, but just vinyl/cassette?! Still haven't heard it either.
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  15. It's actually very good, but impossible to even search for online because of 'Better in the Morning'. And annoyingly the album didn't come with a download code so I've not even played it much myself!
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  16. Eros is the song I’ve been waiting for her to make for years.
  17. Although I'd still prefer her releasing her own stuff, why is she not raking in the coin writing for other acts? I could genuinely see someone like Little Mix singing Get Things Done.
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  18. He


    I’m thinking she doesn’t have the industry connections to shop her songs around.

    It also might be she’s not interested in the mainstream industry in any capacity.
  19. I wish she would write for others as well. I love the song Tove Styrke did with her.
  20. I've still not downloaded the new EP. I must "remedy" this.
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