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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bichard, Apr 5, 2015.

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  3. After Working Girl I assumed that this would be the direction she'd go in. If I remember rightly her and Tom Aspaul wrote a song and put it forward for Eurovision a year or two back so she's not totally averse to writing for other people.
  4. She's no Sia or Ed Sheeran. Boots is about artistic integrity and prefers things low key. First of all, she's not money hungry, she's could've gone that path after Hands, but never wanted to. It wouldn't be good for her soul.
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  5. He


    I mean, I do not know Victoria. But she has seemed to find a niche that fits her and seems to giving her a decent living, and that must be a great position to be in.

    I think she was very shaken by her industry experience, as well.
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  6. I need Face To Face x 10 next, please
  7. This EP just gets better each time I listen to it. I hope there’ll be more on the way.
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  8. I am seriously impressed by the artistic integrity and growth she's shown over the years. She's never released a "Remedy" retread. Working Girl is such a wonderfully mature album.
  9. She didn't have a choice to be where she is now. Hands flopped and she didn't fulfill the sales potential everyone expected. But actually, she never really suited that 'British Kylie' direction anyway and I much prefer her later work.
  10. Hands didn’t meet the sales expectations of her label but she was given a second album. She entered production hell where her label wanted her to go one way and she wanted to go another. Eventually after four years she released the album she always wanted to and founded her own label to do it. She could have continued on the major label circuit for at least another album but she chose not to. That’s what led her to where she is now she certainly did have a choice and she chose artistic entegrity.
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  11. I'm not saying Victoria has no artistic integrity, she does. Let's get that straight. I suggested that her career didn't go where she or everyone expected and where she is now is a result of certain failures and abortive expectations. Her label spent a lot of money on her and she didn't recoup that money back. How much do you think RedOne costs? All that hype? Those billboards? The first class seats on planes? They couldn't afford to pay for those big names for her second album and Victoria was probably a little brusied by her experience with Hands not doing the business commercially. Do you really believe she could have easily 'gone that route' again after Hands bombed? What major label would take her having watched her fail to meet expectations? If Hands had been a massive success, her follow-up album would have been another collection of big pop bops produced by RedOne and BiffCo, not Tim Goldsworthy or one half of Junior Senior. 679 put Victoria into production hell because they didn't hear hit songs and knew her second album wouldn't recoup, so she was forced into calling their bluff and self-releasing. Maybe she was fighting against her pop instincts, but there's far more to what happened than 'Victoria deciding that her artistic integrity was more important than being a successful popstar'.

    Come on! I said I prefer her recent stuff to her debut.
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  12. I'm so glad Hands "flopped". I enjoyed that album at the time but revisiting it now, there's only a handful of tracks I'd keep (Stuck On Repeat, Earthquake, Meddle).
    Everything since has felt more right for her and Nocturnes is my favourite album by her despite the dislike it gets from the shiny bop fans it feels like it gets
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  13. Working Girl is her best by far, you fools!
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  14. Speaking of, I only recently realised the telephone music on Working Girl is Remedy. I got excited when I realised that ha
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  15. To be clear, half of those Pacal Gabriel demos are better than anything she released during and/or after Hands ... I’m just not sure whether it was LB or the record company that decided that was not the way to go ...
  16. Having heard most of that 'missing 2nd album' before we got Nocturnes, I'm glad it was Nocturnes we got. There were some fun tunes, but much like Hands I don't play it much. Or Working Girl. If we do get another album, I'm interested to see what style she'll opt for this time.

    And I still don't have the EP!
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    Some of those demos are fine and could have been great songs, but they're nowhere better than what she has released since.
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  18. Hands is one of my favorite albums ever. I love everything on it. Stuff like Tune Into My Heart is what my synth-pop dreams are made of.
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  19. Hands is probably still my favourite of her albums, especially when you include the magical Not Now! Working Girl and Nocturnes are both great though.
  20. Not Now and Magical are essential!
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