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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bichard, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Here's a really cool new piece she wrote:

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  2. I'm quite enjoying these videos. While they're 'on a budget' and quite simplistic, they all really complement the songs really well. Shadows is my favourite though. It looks and sounds very Electribe 101.
  3. just back from the "debut" show in LA.

    It was amazing. She kept it simple, small venue, 3 piece band, glamourous outfit. She really carried the show with strong stage presence. She has some cute dance moves, and pulls them off really well. She was right in front of me the entire time! I got to meet/speak to her after and reminded her to not stop making new music. I think this show is what she needed to re-ignite her passion for her music. One of the best shows I've been to in a long time.

    1. No Pressure
    2. Motorway
    3. Get Things Done
    4. Shadows
    5. Eros
    6. Every Night I Say A Prayer
    7. Stuck on Repeat
    8. Remedy
    9. Shake
    10. New In Town
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  4. Eros is getting better and better with each listen.
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  5. jj_


    I like that she's providing visuals for the songs, hopefully it'll give some visibility to the EP. 'River' is my favourite out of the four tracks production wise, but I don't find myself getting back to the EP that often.
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  6. I'm so glad she's doing this project with female producers 100% this time! It's about time women were acknowledged as great producers/directors/photographers in the industry, and I wish more artists followed Victoria in that regard:

    "My choice to make an EP with women was an entirely reactive move to address the gender imbalance I felt in the producers I worked with over my career, 99% of which had been men. I hope the industry embraces a positive and active stance and makes similar decisions and displays of their choices when it comes to diversity and imbalance."
  7. She is very smart and eloquent, so I am really happy she is going for this a full 100%. Her career has been an odd and surprising trajectory, but after her first album she seems to have really stuck with her gut instinct and it seems to be working for her.
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  8. Eros and River are still that good.
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