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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bichard, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. New In Town sits proudly atop my Boots playlist to this day. I prefer it to Remedy.
  2. I like New In Town but it’s far from her best.
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  3. I absolutely adore New In Town. A perfect pop song.
  4. “New In Town” is literally her best single off that album (I don’t count “Stuck” or “Meddle”), it’s just so quirky and captivating plus “No one is safe in these streets” is a gem of a line. “Remedy” could’ve been sung by anyone else, and “Earthquake” is cute but I haven’t listened to it since 2012.
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  5. I love the dramatic intro of New In Town. The chorus not so much.
  6. Hands era tracks, best-worst:

    Not Now
    New In Town
    Hearts Collide
    No Brakes
    Tune Into My Heart
    Catch 22
    Stuck On Repeat
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  7. I'm surprised by the drastic differences of opinion on the major Hands singles. I think they're all great, and none of them feel particularly out of place to me. "New in Town" is probably my favorite, though.
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  8. I was going to 'oh dear' at this but then realized that there's not really a dud on that list so it doesn't matter what ends up on top or bottom.
  9. I just asked my #basic friends if anyone wanted to come to this show with me and they all said "Who? What?" Sigh. At least one agreed to go with me.
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  10. She really is astonishingly consistent.
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  11. Hearts Collide is the song that I owe my homosexuality to.
  12. Hearts Collide is that black-souled Kylie song. It's eerie without doing too much with it like Symmetry.
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  13. Me, sitting straight up in bed at 2:30 AM US Eastern time: "Could she get the rights to the original Sarah Chatfield-directed music video for 'Remedy'?"
  14. ops


    Latest backer update. Based on the phrasing this looks more like spitballing than formal stretch goals she's committing herself to so far, but it does look like she's taking the CD license and further show and demo requests into consideration.

  15. I'd love to hear at least the singles remastered a little. A lot of Hands suffers from that late 00's/early 10's "something sounds a bit too compressed" EQ'ing.
  16. ops


    Based on her wording in an answer related to that, I think remastering is off the table. Maybe the licensing doesn't allow for it?

    Given the nature of the project, the use of "especially with older tracks" makes me curious... maybe she has more flexibility with the demos than the original album?

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  17. Jam


    I was suprised by the number of friends who replied positivley when they heard I was going.
    Nome of them knew she had continued with music afterwards but a fair few remembered/said they loved Hands and Remedy in particular.
  18. Born this way teas
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  19. £40k seems doable and worth doing to me, so I hope that works out. A new album would be a dream, though I feel she'd be better off just doing a distinct kickstarter for that rather than piggybacking off the last bits of interest on this.

    I know the discussion has moved on, but I do need to state that 'New In Town' is still her best for me. It encapsulates Hands an awful lot better than it might seem on the surface (big choruses, strong middle 8s and progressively more complex production throughout the song define the album's strength for me) and it is just still so listenable. It's a huge pity that it will forever be the song that killed her launch as a commerical artist, but otherwise I find it so hard to critique. It's the reason I fell in love with her in the first place, embarrassing music videos and all.
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  20. ops


    Agreed, and the below chart (made by someone who follows KS projects far more closely than I do) seems to consider £40k pretty likely. That said, since this projection is based on how other KS projects go, I think this is a relatively aggressive projection, simply because virtually all KS projects are essentially forward-looking, as they're built around creating some new thing, while this ... is not. And therefore it's relying more heavily on her already active fanbase who has already pledged up (presumably).

    Truth be told, when she says "invest in On Repeat Records" as part of the £40k goal, I'm inclined to think that includes putting part of it towards a new album anyway. Making it explicit at £50k just means she can focus on it more heavily then? Well I guess now I'm the one spitballing.

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