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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. I'm annoyed that I missed the uncovered stock of the Business Pleasure EP CD.
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  2. I feel like the tracks from that EP were the only stinkers on the main record. Without them, it's almost a 10/10. It was really an underrated album that deserved more, and a paragon of a cohesive record despite the fact that every track was produced by a different producer. I kind of like her keeping her experimental mojo on the EPs and then providing some pop blasts on the albums. Bring on #LB4!
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  3. I liked the Business Pleasure EP so I was happy 3/4ths found their way onto the album.

    What’s the story behind the Afterhours release, is it just song extra songs she did while touring? They’re ok. Not the best but still good (“Face To Face” more than “Staring at the Sun”).
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  4. Both songs in Afterhours EP are among her best tracks ever
  5. I think they are stronger than most of Working Girl, yes. I say that as a big fan of the album.
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  6. jj_


    This comment made me go and listen to Face to Face after years. What a song! LB and Sam Sparro are a match made in heaven.
  7. Holy Fuck. How did I miss You Won't See Me Cry? What a winner.
  8. The Christmas demo is a nice little song. It does sound like a demo but that gives it a little 80s flare I think.
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  9. Nocturnes is one of the albums featured in the Quirky Pop Rate: Sophomore, along with the second albums by PJ-favourite acts such as Marina & the Diamonds, Janelle Monáe and Lorde. Feel free to join!

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  10. I'm annoyed I missed out again on the Working Girl vinyls.
  11. I was listening to her first album and for the first time in Hearts Collide I recognised that I've heard something in the instrumental before. From a remix on an old Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions.

    It may be slightly sped up in Hearts Collide but it's definitely the same. The Kasper Bjørke remix is from 2008, Hands released a year later. I've tried to find out anything more about the connection/sample but came up with nothing.

    If anyone has any light to shed please do - if not I thought it was interesting all the same.
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  12. Fantastic discovery! And such a haunting sample.
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  13. Yeah I’ve been obsessed with that remix for years since I realized it was a sample and such a good use of a sample too.
  14. Dddd, it’s literally the best part of “Hearts Collide”, come through sampling Queen.
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  15. She just shared a song called Crying On The Inside on her Patreon. Fun facts, she said she wrote it for Carly Rae Jepsen. She also said that she is considering it for her new album. I hope the song makes the cut because the chorus is pure magic.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Is the original Beat Beat demo the same one that was leaked a few years ago.

    Is Victoria downloading her own leaked demos again and “officially” releasing them?
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  18. I decided to do a remix of Remedy - what a massive pop track so added some new bass and guitar with a PWL Venus-esque drum beat. I hope you enjoy!

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