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Little Boots

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. It’s not quite what she hyped it up to be, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me.
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  2. The chorus is gorgeous! The slightly nostalgic vibe paired with the piano is just perfect.
    I love the slick production, with just the right dose of quirkiness.
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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It’s a very cute song. It seems she was flexing her creative muscles with this one so I’m excited to see where the other songs go.
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  4. Does anyone else find the "fish and chips" sound distracting and a little toe-curling?

    Otherwise, it's an okay entry-point to the album. It may work well in the context of the album.
  5. It’s… well I don’t really care for it. It made me think of “Echo” for some reason and then I went back to it and I can’t believe she didn’t release it as a single in 2011.
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    I quite like this. The chorus is lovely.
  7. Silver Balloons has grown on me since I first heard it. It's unusual and noodly but I like it a lot.

    Question: How long is she going to be in the Voyage live shows? I imagine the shows will probably keep going after the date they say it's going to end… is she going to leave the live band at some point or is that just her day job now?
  8. This is great. I’m loving the Overpowered-esque feel to it. Plus I used to live on the North West coast and think she’s captured it beautifully.
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    I'm very impressed with her producing all of this album.

    Silver Balloons is gorgeous.

    I hope the ABBA gig comes with a hefty pay and many opportunities.
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  10. Part of me really wants to rock up to the ABBA show with a "WE LOVE LITTLE BOOTS" sign.
  11. Damn, how lazy is our working girl? Can’t do her own research on the topic?
  12. Poor Clare Maguire turned over her entire Twitter feed to promoting awful NFTs (Ja Rule-style!), to the point I had to unfollow her. I hope Victoria doesn't follow that path! It's like the new MLM.
  13. Maybe she’s asking because Abba are trying to pay her with one of their avatars?
  14. Mess, I love Clare, and I get it's now her job (nn) but... yeah it's a lot.
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  15. This really is a tragedy. I know she has struggled to live off of being an artist for a while but her online presence makes me feel weird now with the whole NFT thing. She is so talented as well.

    OT: Little Boots booked and busy with the ABBA gig! Excited for the album, all her previous albums are still great tbh!
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  16. Collaboration with J. Worra "Wasteland" out tomorrow.

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  17. Was at her intimate gig last night in Manchester. Really loved how she was juggling all the different instruments and tech while performing, she looked in her element.

    She revealed the album is called Tomorrow’s Yesterday which i think she said is also the closing track on the album.

    She played the next single which is “out in a few weeks” but I can’t remember the title. She said she’s filming the video in Margate next week.

    Some of the new stuff sounds really great. A definite change in sound. Almost had a 70’s Elton John vibe.
  18. Did she play any Abba? Still debating if I should go tomorrow!
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