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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. she did a little ABBA medley for the encore - SOS, Dancing Queen, and Chiquitita if I remember correctly
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  2. The Manchester show was really fun and cute - it was like the surface of the sun in there though, horribly hot :(

    The ABBA part was awesome! Wish the Tenori-on had've come to life too
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  3. Just left the London show and it was really special. This woman is so talented and it’s a popinjustice that she’s not more famous. She shared a song that she wrote for Carly Rae Jepson after passing out at her house. The song was a perfect CRJ song but apparently she never acknowledged it after Little Boots sent it to her. Props to the gay in the crowd who screamed “Carly Rae WHO?!?!?” in the middle of her story but a few beats too late
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  4. Excellent London gig. Even got to use my fancy Patreon tier to have a little meet and greet with her before the performance and got some goodies signed, which was amazing.

    She played pretty nearly all of the songs she’d shown off over this past year to us backers, so it was great to hear them in the flesh. I think the crowd really enjoyed them for songs they’re mostly never heard before. Front row viewing, too.
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  6. This is a bit…..dull?
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  7. I think it's a little aimless in places, but the chorus is stronger than "Silver Balloons" for me.
  8. The whole NFT thing is a bit disappointing as she tweeted out asking for info on NFTs a while ago cause she was ignorant on the whole thing and people clearly explained why they are bad for the environment and yet she has gone ahead and done one anyway. I mean whatever, she isn't the first artist and defo not the last so get your coin Boots.
    Excited for the album nonetheless.
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  9. Was it the one posted a page ago? If so, I didn’t read it as she was looking for information on it but looking on what to say in defense of it. It’s in her wording, which was very specific.
  10. The argument she's making re: NFTs seems to be that revenue generated from that will make her less reliant on other climate-unfriendly ways of generating revenue (primarily touring), but issues with that argument aside (i.e. touring providing value to fans while NFTs do not) ... I am pretty sure she just doesn't feel like she's in a place to turn down additional revenue streams.

    Landline is OK, I like it more than Silver Balloons. I have to say that I have zero hype for this album though.
  11. Oh yeah just re-read it, very true lol she basically just asked what's a good excuse if I were to use an NFT..
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The song is fine. It’s not too exciting but it has a nice vibe to it at least.

  13. What even?
  14. Is she talking about Crypto stuff? If so, I have no idea.
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  15. She is. It's the vast majority of her feed since Landline was released.
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  16. I love her but both of these have left me totally cold, they're missing the lush melodies and layers she's usually so skilled at. Maybe they sound better in context on the album?
  17. Honestly, anyone playing with crypto is just participating in a scale model of unregulated capitalism. Not to mention the fact that it can't provide anything it promises, being unsafe, unstable and bad for the environment. The fact her ETH got stolen already is just what you get when playing with fire. Hopefully she didn't spend any of her actual, real life, Patreon cash on getting that NFT up.

    Oh, and "Landline" is definitely a bit limp. I guess it's that bass-less ersatz disco that blends in the background kind of thing. I did get slight "Holiday" vibes in the intro. "Working Girl", the record, had this slapping bass sprinkled on top of everything that provided a lovely contrast with her gentle vocals. Like, "Help Too" sounds like a monster compared to this.
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  18. Yeah I am completely uninterested in this material so far. It's a bummer!
  19. Well she mentioned on Patreon that she was producing the album. I appreciate what she is trying to do but it just hasn't worked out well. I think serving as a co-producer would've worked better. I just feel like something has been missing.
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