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Good video, but the whole "working girl" aesthetic is starting to feel a little.. Tired? I wish she'd done something more with it, it's very obvious. But it's nicely executed.

I think it works SO much better for her. She doesn't really need to 'perform' in the video and the lo-fi aesthetic gives her a mystique she may lack in reality. I don't ever want to see her return to New In Town or Headphones. Never! It reminds me of I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me. A huge compliment!
I think she has achieved a succession of great videos for this campaign, and I love she has kept the aesthetics going so impeccably.

Also, this song is amazing. I'm very happy and proud of what she has achieved this era.
Another fantastic video from Working Girl Victoria Hesketh. This is her best album and campaign by far, she’s got her tongue fairly in her cheek and the music is her most consistently great from start to finish.
At the risk of echo chamber, I'm massively digging the current era's visual aesthetic. It fits the music perfectly, and it's pretty awesome. She doesn't have a 'large' performing persona so this is giving her plenty of depth.
I am officially missing the pea green suit.
I mean, being hit singles isn't a requirement, right?

I sadly don't have much in common with the frontpage's "Big Songs", anymore.

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I sadly don't have much in common with the frontpage's "Big Songs", anymore.

Yeah, there's been nothing on there that's got me excited for at least 4 years. How I long for the days when Dragonette, Shiny Toy Guns, Rogue Traders and Stefy were all over it...
I just watched the video - I must say, its probably the best pop video this year. And that style of making music videos is perfect for Victoria because she doesn't really have to act and stuff...

Its retro, its colourful, its perfect! Well done Victoria. Finally a GREAT video this for the campaign.
She looks gorgeous as well, in the video. Love the Green and yellow combo... Though, all the outfits look great on her.
Damn, that is a hard one. I'll give it a try.

1. Working Girl
2. Get Things Done
3. Paradise
4. Help Too
5. Heroine

There is not a single track I dislike, though. Amazing album.