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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. What we have is basically this:

    Hands bonus tracks: Hands, Catch 22, Stuck on Repeat Acoustic
    Illuminations EP: Love Kills, Not Now, Magical
    Nocturnes bonus tracks: Hush
    Working Girl bonus tracks: Desire, Working Girl Acoustic

    Superstitious Heart (as LB)
    Whatever Sets You Free (as LB)
    Pretty Tough
    Second Time Around
    Leaked Beat of Your Heart album
    Babyface (Demo)
    Better (on Electronic Beats Vinyl)
    Beat Again (Cover)
    Smalltown Boy (Cover)
    All that She Wants (Live Studio Cover)

    Alternative versions:
    Stuck on Repeat Original Full Lenght
    Shake Original Full Lenght
    Broken Record / Strangers Nocturnal Versions
    Motorway (Discotheque Edit)
    Remedy Radio Mix

    That Disco Beat with Baron Von Luxxury (Uncredited)
    I Wish with Michael Woods (Unreleased)
    Heartbeat with John Dalhback
    If! with Jean Michael Jarre
    Magic Hour with RAC
    Better than Music with ROOM8 (as Christina)

    Since Echoes is probably never coming out now, 'Better' is the biggest mistery. It was released on a vinyl compilation only and never talked about again.
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  3. What happened to that one song that was used in a video of a person baking? It was jokingly called "Bake" since it was posted on Vimeo after "Shake" was originally released and had lyrics that were something like "Now I'm dreaming/The best is yet to come".
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    I remember the video, but can't recall the song.
  5. I will be using @Poker Pro 's post as a check list to see what I have...
  6. @Poker Pro I believe you're missing her "Love Kills" cover. It was a Hands bonus track (perhaps an iTunes exclusive?).
  7. You guys were right, I still had a few of songs left. Before (during?) Hands she released a couple EPs with two or three album tracks and remixes. Her collection is even bigger than I remembered.
  8. Guessing the 'Echoes (6 Music Session)' will be the best version we're going to get then...

    Incidentally, does anyone know if there is a longer version of Everyday Heartbreak or is it just the 1:27 version?
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  10. Great work by @Poker Pro to list all the unreleased stuff - I had forgotten how long the list is

    Anyone know if Second Time Around still exists anyehere? I recall it appeared in a magazine article about Boots using Moog synthesisers
  11. Well I have it so it must have been available someplace!
  12. After Hands, which I regarded as totally awesome for a Electropop album, I didn't take to her second album Nocturnes too well back in 2013 when it was first released. Then later on, perhaps in early 2014, I came back to it and completely fell in love with Nocturnes and then I actually preferred it to Hands! Then comes Working girl, which you could say is a departure to the pop style of Nocturnes, just as Nocturnes was to Hands. I absolutely hated Working fact, when I first heard the album, I couldn't even finish it. I had to turn it off. Then I said to myself, I'll never give Working girl another chance but I'll always love Nocturnes.

    Then a few months later, based on the quirky charm to "Better in the morning", with it's playful percussion and catchy colorful melody and Boots lovely vocal, I decided to come back to Working girl and grab the Extra CD album version with Desire and Working girl (Acoustic). I was not disappointed, not at all this time.

    In fact, most of what I remember turning me off from Working girl before almost seemed like those negative elements didn't exist on the album this time around. I loved almost every track on the album and I couldn't stop playing Working girl. I became addicted, I became a passionate lover for Working girl, after about my third or forth listen into it's varied brilliance.

    Working girl is SO well crafted and put together. Victoria sounds amazing throughout her third album. Working girl is undoubtably her best effort.

    I enjoyed reading through this entire thread, which was also a reason for my inspiration to revisit Working girl.
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    Always glad to read appreciation for this album. I think it is amazing.
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  14. I'm now going back to Hands now's still her best album. But I think that Working girl slightly beats out Nocturnes.

    Nothing will ever beat out Hands, it has the most colorfully and professionally produced ear worms, the most hits, better song writing and lyrics, the best flow between tracks. It's on a whole other level of its own. But with that said, Working girl & Nocturnes follow close behind..
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  15. Also I'm another fan of "Taste it" here, awesome track! I think the other stand out tracks on Working girl are "working girl" "Paradise" "Help too" "The game" "Better in the morning" & "get things done".
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    I actually think Working Girl might be my favourite Boots effort. But the other two are not far off. Noctures has the highest highs, Working Girl is the most consistently brilliant, and Hands still sounds lush and big.
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    There was a Boots rate not long ago, you should check it out and see how we ranked all her songs.
  18. I just found "working girl" (the song) on Spotify and I love it. Can anybody tell me what other songs should I listen? Thank you!
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    The whole album is full of gems, maybe try: Get Things Done, Paradise, Heroine, and Help Too; Real Girl is a favourite here, as well.

    I'd say just give the whole album a listen, it is quite short.

    Let me now if you want more recommendations of her previous stuff.
  20. The Game, Get Things Done, No Pressure, Paradise and Help Too are my personal favourites (other than the title track) on the album. Real Girl seems to be a fan favourite and is decent enough too.
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