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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Victoria can keep pushing her music biz 'agendas' but she needs to remember her peers (La Roux, Ladyhawke) managed to have more success than her without playing the game that LB so hates ...

    Ellie Goulding even managed it for a couple of albums but then decided to go after the mighty dollar and dived in with both feet (and other body parts) ... Whether that's good or bad is up to Ellie, the record label and the music buying public (all three seemed happy last I checked) ...

    Victoria tried to play by someone else's rules and it didn't really work out ... She needs to start focusing on a game she can play ... She's certainly more Polly Scattergood than Beyonce.

    Edit: For the record, I am a big fan of LB's music ... Victoria notsomuch ...
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  2. I have no idea what the above post is trying to say...
  3. Victoria, please stop moaning ...
  4. Her peers definitely did not hold up to the success they had at the beginning and I am 80% sure that when you reach that kind of mainstream success you receive a lot of pressure for your image, look at Grimes and Grimes isn't exactly the definition of a popstar.

    Obviously sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, I don't really see what she said was bad, it's 100% factual.
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  5. I know what @Party Weirdo is trying to say, but I'd like to add a bit more to the discussion.

    Little Boots enjoyed the benefits of a major label deal and enormous hype, the sort that gave her an advantage over the likes of La Roux and virtually everyone else emerging in British pop music. She featured on billboards, secured a prestigious BBC Sound victory, and filled column inches galore in every music publication possible. What she didn't have was any star quality or music the public could truly connect to - and that happens sometimes; it's a form of wish fulfillment on the part of bloggers like Peter who think certain popstars are the full package, but the 'star' doesn't actually exist in the popstar they're tipping. It isn't an exact science so things can go wrong in the scramble to discover new talent. Hands wasn't an exciting pop record, nor was it the sort of album that can withstand the passing of time. No-one is checking for that record now, except as a curio of wasted potential and squandered opportunities. You listen to it and it's all (for lack of a better description) "tra la la I'm in love," pop. Nice, sweet, but ultimately very effete. And we know that's not how Victoria is in real life. Hands doesn't have any edge to it. It lacks a Bulletproof. It has, however, a RedOne song, but that's song is unrepresentative of the album and a bit of a red herring. That sound was in vogue at the time, so it made sense to hire RedOne. The videos were terrible too. I tried to be positive at first, but New In Town is like The Walking Dead before it was invented. In contrast La Roux's debut is full of emotional highs and lows, all matched to brilliant pop music. Elly looks odd and unearthly, a throwback to Bowie, someone who looked unlike anything else you may see in NME or Q or Pitchfork. She stood out. LA ROUX is such a vivid pop record and Elly, as much as her vocals initially annoyed the shit out of me, burns with such passion and intensity throughout.

    You couldn't ever say that about Hands.

    Little Boots may not have the sales, but she still has all the Twitter followers she gained during the height of her hype, and of course her name is well-known enough to get her into the press when she puts out new music. So she still enjoys some benefits from her time as 'the next Kylie'. And her last album is definitely her best, with some of her finest vocals. Get Things Done was the first time I heard Victoria and thought her voice had real personality. She didn't sound like Mary Poppins with a disco beat. I also want very much to read a book about pop music from Victoria. It would be wonderful. She's far better now than she was during her debut.
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  6. I hope Afterhours will continue Working Girl aesthetic.

    I am not sure if it was mentioned eariler this thread, but Hesko co-wrote this track:
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  7. He


    Afterhours sounds like part of Working Girl, actually, thematically.
  8. The first thing I thought when i heard the EP is titled Afterhours is the darker, party hard extension of Working Girl.
  9. Afterhours will be what the Working Girl does after she's punched the clock. READY.
  10. …hasn't she been "focusing on a game she can play" since 2013?

    Anyone who thinks these columns are the equivalent of MySpace rants being issued into the void is dumb, dumb, dumb. Being bitter about her time as a failed popstar is integral to her brand at this point. It is the canniest career move she's ever made and I'm sure it helps her quite a lot.
  11. Have I inadvertently stepped into a time machine and ended up back in 2009...?!
  12. Victoria is light-years beyond Elly Jackson as an artist and musician.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Have we figured out the mystery of who she is in here yet?

    Also, I'm glad that she speaks out about the industry.
  14. Little Boots ... The Mumsnet of the British pop world ...
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  15. Can't wait for a new EP! LB is my fave 'non mainstream' musician by far
  16. Anyone know how Victoria came to co-write this track? There is the official video on YouTube as well - looks like a contender by Paul Oskar for the Eurovision song contest ....from Iceland. I assume Victoria did the music as the lyrics are in a local language! Very much a Eurovision type of song, but still quite ok to me anyway.
  17. Glad she's sticking to the theme. Perched for the Christmas Do EP.
  18. For those that might want it, another version of the Hesko story, told by Victoria herself. She gave a keynote speach recently at Leeds University to some form of music/business startup day. Basically much the same story as you all know, but delivered with humour; she does have an ability to laugh at herself which I quite like. She describes her contract with 679/Atlantic and how it worked. She starts about 44 minutes in to the video and her talk lasts about 30 mins.

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  19. I really enjoyed that!
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