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Little Boots

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. This comes just in time to be included in my blog house playlist.
  2. I had no idea he worked with Boots on this song. Its a really good song. Boots and Sam should work on a song again at some point of time..
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  3. Blog house?
  4. Hesko did another talk at a Tech / Business start up conference in Hackney, London last week. Starts about 5 hours 7 minutes in to this video record of the whole event, lasts about 20 mins. She is getting good at these, her ability to not take herself too seriously always comes through. Interesting update on her business start up, the @LOOP tourist advice app.

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  5. These events pay very well, so it's all rather lucrative.

    I'm giving the keynote speech at a writing conference in September.
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  7. Not much Boots news recently, so here is a vintage video from 10 years ago that I just discovered on YouTube. Live recording of Automatic by Dead Disco. Great performance!

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  8. Kill the hair with fire.
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  9. Did Face to Face ever come out??
  10. Yes, on the 'Afterhours' (ahem) 'EP'. I think I prefer it to 'staring at the Sun'
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  11. Strange that I bought Staring at the Sun and never realized Face to Face was released! I loved Sun so need to get this track ASAP.
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  12. I've just been listening to the and I have to say, they're great additions to the era. Like @ModeRed, I think I prefer Face To Face.
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  13. Madness of the style aside, I quite like Bootsy with dark hair.
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  14. Thanks to @anfunny2003 for reporting on Twitter that Boots has remixed a classic track - Erasure's "Blue Savannah". Initial excitement, but then discovered it is part of a new 13 CD anthology available from Pledgemusic for GBP83. Maybe it will be available later on iTunes as an option to sample just the single track. Here's hoping! I do like Erasure, but CDs of b-sides for hardcore fans only!
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  16. First article I ever found on her (with synth on her lap, laying on a bed) she had dark hair. I liked it. There was something Cathy Dennis-esque about her.
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  17. Yes I think it was her 679 that suggested she went platinum blond.
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  18. Wonder when we’ll get a new album/EP.
  19. How about a deluxe version of Hands with a second cd of that 'missing' album she made to celebrate its 7 year anniversary whilst she's off DJ'ing everywhere?
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