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Little Boots

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. She will be playing in Istanbul tonight - in the place I am working in. I made her room reservation and I tried to block her the best room I can. #ProudStan
  2. Yeah someone like Boots should be savvy or willing enough to plonk out the album of Pascal Gabriel castoffs. Do a limited run, they'd all sell out. I'd love to buy an album with Contradiction, Antarctica, and Avalanche.
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  3. Island

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    I didn't really like the unreleased album.
  4. I'm so thirsty for another record, this album has been such a grower since it first dropped. I went from only liking a few tracks to almost the entire thing (damn you, Taste It).

    No Pressure, Real Girl and Better in the Morning are the true killers.
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  5. He


    I wonder if she'll dab more into production, I think she's got the chops for it.
  6. Nothing really stood out to me on Nocturnes in the way I took a lefthanded hook to the face on Hands. Working Girl showed SOME promise but I ultimately was bored once we hit the midpoint of the record
  7. Island

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  8. WHAT? I will gladly take every leftover from this era.
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  9. Get Things Done is still that motivational bop every single one of us needs once in a while.
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  10. Victoria has co-written a track with Redondo, a duo from The Netherlands, and provided the vocal track. I think her voice fits this well - according to the band it went down well at Ministry of Sound.

  11. It doesn't really suit her vocals, in my opinion. A.M.E. is waiting somewhere for a song like this!
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  12. I had no idea Taste It was so majorly disliked.Probably my favorite from the record too.What am i doing wrong again ?
  13. He


    Nothing, it's a great track.
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  14. I love indie Little Boots.
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  15. What happened to the mixtape? And was it supposed to be a mixtape with new material like Tinashe's mixtapes or a DJ mixtape in the vein of Jubilee Disco and Into the Future?
  16. I wish it was new material, but I would assume since it's 'promo' for her DJ tour that it's a DJ mixtape unfortunately.
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  17. Just found this on Tumble from June 2011. Tough time for Victoria, we now know frustrated with 679 records. It was a further 2 years before Nocturnes would finally see the light of day.

    "So 2 years ago today my album came out and charted at number 5. I remember that feeling like a big deal. A really big deal.

    Now I couldn’t feel further away from that. Even when I see the album cover or a picture or video or something from that time it feels like its my weird sister I don’t really see any more, or maybe a distant cousin. A lot of the time I struggle to believe it even happened.

    Every day I get asked when the new album is going to be out. You can’t believe how much this question starts to wear you down after a while. I guess I’ve been writing it for over a year now, and have a huge pile of songs to show which I wish I could share but apparently have to stay in a vacuum with me instead.

    I wish it was as simple as just following my heart and making the ‘difficult second album’ I really want to make. I wish I had started earlier and could have afforded to take producers and writers on tour with me or whatever it is people seem to do these days to keep up with the ridiculous pace of this “digital age”. Every time I have a day where I can’t think of anything and end up hitting my head against the desk/ piano I beat myself up for delaying things more and repeat Picasso’s 'Inspiration has to find you working’ mantra to little avail.

    My best friend recently told me to get some perspective and she was right, there are ultimately much much bigger things to worry about and be affected by. I guess its just difficult when you are trying so hard to do something but ultimately feel pretty powerless over it. But then I suppose you know that when you sign up for this"
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  18. I know its quite a strange thought,I always feel if she had been born in an earlier era,she would have been quite massive,or even a member of the Human League.
  19. Finally listened to this, what a fucking fantastic album. I never thought she'd top Hands, but that's clearly no longer the case.
  20. I heard New In Town whilst I was in Birchwood Shopping Centre near Warrington today. I sashayed a little.
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