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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. I’ve seen a lot of praise - including some ‘Reese deserves all the awards!’ nonsense - and I am STUNNED. This quarantine has really created some delusion.
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  2. Reese's constant eye squeezing doesn't deserve any awards.

    Kerry's mouth acting performance doesn't either. I won't ever look at her the same way again after this.

    I'd be very surprised if this dreck gets any nominations. The show is subpar to say the least.
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  3. The only acting award this show should get is Best Reese Witherspoon Impression.
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  4. The young girls are pretty good, though, I'll give them that. Lexi Underwood (who plays Pearl) is stunning.
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  5. At least we got this pretty song.

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  6. Just finished watching it. It started out pretty good and Reese was terrific, but by the final 3 episodes it felt a little like a chore to finish it. I loved the book, and one of the things I liked best about it is that there were no 'bad' or 'good' characters. They all had their strengths and flaws and the writer made sure we'll understand their point of view, so they all felt very human. On the show however, almost all of them (except for Izzy and maybe Moody) were very unlikable, to the point I kind of really hated most of them. It was especially bad with Mia, that I loved in the book and in the show was probably my least favorite character (the fact that Kerry Washington has 2 face expressions didn't help).
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  7. Honestly I think it's a decent show. I know nothing about the book I just watched it for Reese. It's not brilliant as Big Little Lies for sure but it's not that bad. I agree that the ending was a bit much and felt rushed though.
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  8. I just finished this and I’m a little surprised by the reaction here. Granted, I haven’t read the book - but I personally found this to be thoroughly gripping and entertaining. I rarely ever “binge-watch” but I had to watch the last three episodes in one sitting.

    My critique of the show would be that the only truly likable characters are Izzy and Pearl (Trip and Moody are fine too, but I don’t know enough about them to care too much). You want to root for Mia, but she’s so offputting for the majority of the show. When her backstory was fleshed out more, I was able to understand her and empathize better. But it took a damn while to get there.

    I think what I probably liked most about the show was the story itself, so given that fans of the book seem to dislike the series - I can understand that.

    I definitely felt like the ending needed to be fleshed out more. But it was overall a very compelling watch for me.
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  9. I still need to watch this.
  10. Just finished this tonight and overall I really liked it, despite not like many of the characters (especially Mia). I’m so glad other people have mentioned Kerry Washington’s mouth, it was driving me nuts. Wasn’t so keen on the loose ends storyline wise. How does it end in the book?
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  11. I have just started watching this and love it so much. However, as a 90s kid I hate that Moody referred to the internet as dial up. Nobody referred to it as dial up at the time.
  12. Oh okay. Kerry Washington... Is. Something
  13. I can't @ the blowback Kerry's mouth-acting is getting. Surely it can't be any worse than Scandal?
  14. I finished it last night and I started it with no expectations since I didn't read the book. It's decent and totally binge-worthy and I enjoyed watching it. I also don't mind the network TV vibes since it fits the 90s aesthetic. However, the over-acting and the self-serving plot lines were a bit cringe so I understand the criticism.

    I really want to read the original book now since it seems like they washed away all the layers when adapting for TV.
  15. So I finally watched it and yeah it's trash. It's watchable because Reese! I watched it for Kerry too because I love her but her acting in this... jesus. Also didn't help they made her character so unlikeable. It started a cute guilty pleasure but it jumped into bad tv really fast.
  16. Still dont understand how this is predicted to get so many awards in the coming award season,at the Emmys, Golden Globes etc?
    Between this and The Morning Show getting so much acclaim, Reese seems like a female Ryan Murphy for getting awards attention for utter shite sometimes
  17. If you're ever in danger of taking the Golden Globes seriously, remind yourself that in 2010 they nominated Johnny Depp twice in the same category, for films that were both critically panned and in neither case was his performance singled out by anyone as a redeeming feature.
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  18. The Golden Globes are a complete joke.
  19. I binged my way through this and thought I loved it to start with, but the ending was awful. Left with too many unanswered questions and rushed endings to take away any satisfaction from watching it.
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  20. I just watched this... and this is word for word what I was going to say.
    I hate-watched with so much conviction.

    Kerry Washington is not a good actress, but she's really good at looking like a good actress.
    I don't know if that makes sense, but I think it means exactly what I said.
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