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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. It’ll be interesting to make this tour work for me in April/May of my final uni year but I guess it will be good motivation.
  2. taking one evening off isn’t a big deal, but let’s hope you don’t have an exam the next day
  3. They need to start using whoever did the acoustic edit of No Time For Tears. Feels like a different song and it’s very very convincing, the outro especially.

    Or did they actually record extra vocals for that?
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  4. Yay!

    Here they come!
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  5. Can’t wait!!!
  6. So happy!
  7. Now we just pray that they hold off on release until the video is ready.
  8. Yes come and snatch another #1!
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  9. This. I know it wouldn't be realistic to reschedule for later this year but it wasn't particularly realistic to schedule it for Spring in the first place, so I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd gone for winter dates. The fact that they haven't gives me a little hope that they're not just sticking it out as a trio until after the tour.
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  10. I love that Perrie is always the one to tell us what's about to happen. It's a tradition by this point
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  11. I’m still mad Happiness won’t be a single, so this new single better be amazing to make up for it.
  12. Shouldn’t it be Little Mix are coming?
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  13. I have to do placements alongside so will have to work out shifts around it, fingers crossed though!
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They must know that the stakes are rather high for this single...
  15. Moving on quickly is the best thing they can do, I think it's a really smart move. While it's a shame we won't get another single from Confetti, the album has three hits that will keep it selling nicely throughout the year. Best to capitalise on the huge success of Sweet Melody by delivering a great single + visual to truly mark the next phase of the band. Perched for what's next!
  16. This is all so exciting!

    They have so much momentum behind them again that 2021 really could be theirs for the taking.

    I wonder what they’ll do for the 10 year celebration, in August. Hopefully we get their “Ten Years at The Top” style documentary.
  17. But without the sugercoating and same old stories. A unfiltered documentary about their initial struggles after forming, the period between Salute and Get Weird, the success of Glory Days, problems during LM5 and the new era would be nice.
  18. I bet the new single will be a banger. Them probably being inspired by the smashing of Sweet Melody, coupled with them wanting and needing to pack a punch as a trio, is going to make this incredible. I’m so perched.
  19. Confetti did it’s job and Sweet Melody is cemented in the set lists forever more.

    Moving on feels necessary, close the book on the old chapter and come charging out of the gate on the new.

    I imagine we’re in for another smashing Tayla x MNEK behemoth, but part of me would really like something totally left field. Their music is open to any direction they want to take it now, I have every faith.
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