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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. This is a take I definitely didn’t think I’d see in this thread.
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  2. You haven't even heard a track by them as a trio yet...

    It's not the six chair challenge, it's Little Mix.
  3. Horrible idea. 10 years together and they’re so slick at what they do, the newbie would stick out in all the worst ways. Yes Jesy is irreplaceable however I don’t think you should knock their potential without her, at least until you hear a proper recording as a three-piece.
  4. That's certainly what you call a take.
  5. Haven’t the Sugababes taught us anything!?
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  6. Not to mention, that they have literally killed all of their recent performances - as a trio.

    Their recent promo cycle has given me all the faith that they will be just fine.
  7. I'm not knocking them but just off what I know about the girls vocally sure they can create the sound in the studio but its the live performance, them finding a replacement wouldn't harm the brand or anything if they chose to that route. In other words I said What I Said
  8. They taught us EVERYTHING.
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  9. Are you ok?
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  10. I know, I was joking. This is all because I need some semblance of drama in my life because nothing is happening at the moment.
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  11. No.
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  12. This is a horrible, horrible idea.
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  13. For me, part of Little Mix’s appeal is their friendship and appreciating what they have gone through together over the past 10 years. Bringing in a new member would disrupt that and would feel disrespectful to their legacy.
  14. I couldn't think of a worse idea than a new 4th member.
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  15. Unless it's HRH Queen Tulisa Contostavlos then it's a no from me.
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  16. Scream why do I also want this.
  17. They look incredible as a three-piece. Change is always uncomfortable, but they are so talented individually I think they'll be just as strong, maybe even stronger than before.
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  18. Me thinking to myself ‘hmm can 2021 get any worse?’
    Me then coming into this thread to see this:
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  19. ADM


    Imagine a "Keisha in the crowd hyping up Mutya performing Real Girl" situation but Jesy cheering the girls..

    Wait the more I write that the less likely and right it sounds.
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  20. They could adopt Rita Ora. Just kidding.
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