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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Not me tearing up at Kelly Rowland’s Instagram story about Leigh’s pregnancy. It feels so weird watching Leigh stepping into parenthood after following her/them for 10 years.
  2. Oh it’s here too.
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  3. Wouldn't it make sense to just post Jesy-related things in her thread (where they're already being discussed)?
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  4. But this is Little Mix related so relevant to this topic
  5. Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but I felt kind of sad that Jesy kept referring to the girls as "the others" in her interview with Cosmo. I don't know, I guess I've grown accustomed them referring to each other as "the girls" that "the others" sound kind of impersonal?

    I'm happy that she's found peace though and appreciated her clearing up what happened with her Sweet Melody scenes.
  6. RMK


    ... It relates to her leaving the group, and she talks about moments with other group members.

    I definitely wonder how involved the other girls were in her personal life or these situations, language choices sound like there was a bit of a separation. It's so weird to think that Sweet Melody has a hard turning point for her, because she genuinely looked amazing and I wouldn't have thought she felt anything but confident. Not to get too theoretical, but I'd assume with Jade having covid she really had to pull it together for The Search trio performance.
  7. She called them "My 3 girls" here though:

  8. I mean yes, it relates to her departure and hence the group. That being said, I'll only speak for myself: I applaud Jesy for making the best call for her mental health, but I'd also really appreciate to be able to retain the agency of interacting with her content when/if I feel like it. Not everyone is going to process things the same way or at the same speed, and while I really don't want to make it a bigger deal than it is, I think we can all make an effort to consider everyone's point of view. Thanks!
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  9. Leigh-Anne looks like a goddess in that photoshoot. It's strange being so happy for someone you literally don't even know, but I am so chuffed for her and Andre!
  10. RMK


    Leigh's pregnancy makes a lot of sense when it comes to their questions about performances or all this new music equating to a new album. They're probably not sure what commitments they want to make.
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  11. Congrats Leigh Anne.

    Its funny how the Little Mix story has mirrored the Spice one with a member leaving before one of the remaining girls getting pregnant.
  12. What a moment Leigh has provided us with that photo shoot. I’m so thrilled for her.
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  13. Perrie's pregnancy confirmed!
  14. Leigh-Anne is glowing and looks absolutely stunning! So happy for her and Andre.
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  15. So happy for Leigh, she looks amazing!!!
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  16. Like mother like daughter, with the leaks.
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  17. She looks beautiful! I can't get over the fact that she choose to be with a guy that once wished gay people to "burn and die" but I'm sure that she at least will be a great parent.
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