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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. RainOnFire

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    I liked "Holiday" when it first came out, but it does nothing for me now. But still, boring is better than actively bad, so this is still their best singles run ever even if "Happiness" should've been the second single instead.
  2. Love it! But was it even a proper single?
  3. No unfortunately it started to go a bit viral on TikTok but because of the label drama they couldn’t really do anything with it officially. Such a waste it could have been huge.
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  4. It wasn't a single at all. It just should have been. They threw away what could have been one of their biggest hits with that one.
  5. Wasabi not getting a proper release is criminal. Someone should go to prison over it.
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  6. Wasabi not being a single and Think About Us being remixed with Ty Dolla screams "We need a safe hit" from SyCo / RCA to me.
  7. Confetti (the song) is back at it’s peak of 15 this week!
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  8. And Heartbreak Anthem charted at 9!!!!
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  9. Nice! They’re in such a good place at the moment.
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  10. This is what, their sixth top 20 in a year? We love to see it!
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  11. I know we speak about it all the time, but they really are in their own lane. Treading new girlband territory with this level of huge success this deep into their career. Ridiculous.

    I hope if they had any doubts about continuing after the Confetti contractual stuff was done, the reception to everything they've done in the past 6 months encourages them to keep going.
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  12. So glad that Heartbreak Anthem debuted in the top 10. Pop justice
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  13. Reminder to vote The Search also Leigh’s Documentary at The NTAS if you haven’t already

    Not people freaking out on Twitter at Jesy being cropped out this picture as well . It’s not that serious .
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  14. Jesus, I had no idea Woman Like Me had such a strong record on streaming!
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  15. I just heard Heartbreak Anthem on the radio in Canada, first track of theirs since Black Magic (and that was mostly on satellite radio). A $ma$h.
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  16. Is this a real US station or one of the fanmade ones, because I can never tell these days?

    If it’s real, then pretty cool of them to say!

  17. Top 5 on Apple Music.

    Also they’ve been reaching a new peak of daily listeners on Spotify daily. First time over 23M.
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