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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. How has Confetti only got 14 million streams?
  2. It’s mainly on UK based playlists. The album version has an extra 30 million though, but if you compare the audience reach it has to Heartbreak Anthem it’s pathetic. This is their debut single as a trio, you’d think the label would try harder.
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  3. Yeah both are on Hot Hits UK but in the US, Heartbreak is on Todays Top Hits and Pop Rising which is huge
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  4. @LM_Funds on Twitter are amazing!
  5. ADM


    I'm so past seeing them 'crack the US' but it would be so so satisfying to see this smash in the USA, just this one song for them.
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  6. Was bopping to Heartbreak Anthem out on my walk earlier. Choon!
    Is it supposed to be some sort of sequel to Break Up Song? They're basically about the exact same thing.
    Why do they have so many songs with those kind of names anyway. Heartbreak Anthem, Break Up Song, Not A Pop Song, Secret Love Song, No More Sad Songs...
  7. Preview of ‘First Time’

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  8. Meta Mix!

  9. New lyric video. I'm not sure if it's fan-made but it's got a cute in a '2001 enhanced CD single video' vibe.
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  10. Last days to vote in the long list for the NTAS . Go Vote for Leigh’s Documentary and The Search to make the shortlist If you haven’t already.
  11. Reminds me of the Love Me Like You 8-bit teasers. But come on girls were too grown for this now
  12. This is as much Little Mix choreography as I'll ever be able to learn.
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  13. So tonight's chart is an interesting one.
  14. Joe.... what are you not telling us
  15. Remember when people called this a flop? Hey huns.
  16. Oh. No no. Please do not be a No.11 peak.
  17. People jinxed it. Arrgggh
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  18. Nooooooo. You can't say this and leave us in suspense.

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  19. Please just be messing with us and say they’re #10
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