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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Honestly up there with Glory Days with their strongest era singles-wise.
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  2. RMK


    Confetti will probably go down as my favorite Little Mix era. It’s the only one I’ve fully tuned in for, but seeing them reach new highs as performers, and reach all these different milestones despite the obvious hiccups and roadblocks is phenomenal. Pair that with their best singles run and the behemoth that is Sweet Melody.. They’re untouchable.
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  3. Canary Wharf tube station have had their ‘Happy Birthday Jade Thirlwall!” wishes board up since December, I can’t do this any longer.
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  4. Heartbreak Anthem up to #19 on Spotify and Confetti stable at #34.
  5. I thought it was meant to be neon pink/orange? Granted there’s a filter on the video but this looks like the Glory Days Record Store Variant, I would have preferred some variety.
  6. I’ll forever remain pressed that Break Up song didn’t get the proper video treatment it deserved. I so wish they’d filmed the video when they did the vertical one for streaming platforms.
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  7. I would’ve liked to see their fully realized vision, but I ended up loving the deverticalized video in all its simplicity!
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  8. But that’s the point isn’t it? It’s about female and I guess he’s trying to relinquish power I guess..
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  9. What’s more annoying is they never performed it live and now it won’t be as authentic since Jesy left.
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  10. Yeah I think it's a bit of the filter coloring on that. I'd like to see the final tracklisting on this though?

  11. Cute
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  12. Not this caption!
  13. Jade. Ultimate stan!
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  14. Confetti is at the top of Today’s Top Hits and Heartbreak Anthem up to #15 on Spotify I’m kinda gagged by all this ? Not it being Glory Days 2.0.
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  15. ADM


    Sorry to sound stupid but what does this mean? Is it that getting playlisted is good for exposure and then it can climb the ‘chart’ of said playlist?
  16. It’s the biggest playlist in the UK with 2.7 million followers. It means they will get a fuck tonne of streams which will help them on the Spotify Chart and therefore the main chart.
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  17. Is it ok that Lightning still slays me every time I listen to it?
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  18. I would just LOVE Confetti to get to number one.
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