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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Noel Gallagher Fuck Off Challenge.
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  2. I mean everyone realises that Noel Gallagher just released a new single and purposefully gave that quote to draw attention to himself and in turn the new single, yes? It’s a tactic he’s been using for literally decades at this point. The fact that there’s been a page of discussion on it shows that it still works.
  3. He may be being discussed, but I guarantee you nobody here is checking for his music.
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  4. I’ve tried four times to write down my feelings towards these two vile human beings but nothing ever seems strong enough. Sad, pathetic, little boys who impaled their own success with their overblown egos and resort constantly to tearing down others, especially strong women, to try and get some attention. They don’t deserve to be even mentioned in the same breath as these queens.
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  5. Or more so, fellow Brit winner Ed Sheeran - who uses a lot of the same co-writers and producers as the girls and makes a lot of the same radio-pleasing chart music but never gets the same level of criticism.
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  6. Straight old men thinking their music is superior to everyone else.. gross
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  7. Noel makes/made great music but he and Liam are shits. This is nothing new, nor is snobbery levelled at "pop" acts.
  8. It's just standard "previously successful men fearful of the thought of women taking their place or being more successful than them".

    I won't discredit his contribution to the music industry, however he should realise that times are changing and as a predecessor, he should celebrate what everyone is achieving.
  9. Heartbreak Anthem at number 2 on Apple Music - new peak.
  10. Noel & Liam are shit but can we focus on how shit they are without resorting to ageism? Thanks!
  11. Ageism rarely affects men.
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  12. Two songs in the top 10 again this week!
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  13. TWICE's song First Time composed by Jade is out today.

    I feel like it sounds very characteristically Little Mix!
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  14. The Gallaghers are just the Piers Morgan of music, no?
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  15. ummm JADE wrote First Time?! No wonder it bops so fucking much. Queen.
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  16. 'Confetti' rose back up into it?! I'm guessing them reminding people it was 59p yesterday did the trick?
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  17. Shout out to Noel Garibaldi for the free LM promo!
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  18. Manifesting this going #1 in a couple weeks and the girls blocking Ed for a second time this year.
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