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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. A BOP! And I‘m sure Jade did the vocals on the demo because the girls sound a lot like her.
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  2. Not Little Mix being the subject of Sunday brunches arguments.
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  3. Has this been posted? Lead single for LM7 teas
  4. Sounds like a bop to me.
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  5. Heartbreak Anthem is doing incredibly well isn’t it.. first completely new song as a trio going to number one would be such a moment so I really hope they have a chance over the coming weeks.

    Confetti back up to 32 on Spotify too!
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  6. Did we realise that they’ve broken into the Top 100 most streamed artists on Spotify at #96? I think their first time in the top 100?
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  7. 2014

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    SO HAPPY that Heartbreak Anthem is smashing as it should!
  8. I have to hold my hands up and admit that I’m flabbergasted. I was disappointed that the lack of a building middle eight and no adlibs to end made it a bit of a likeable but Meh song. I didn’t expect it to chart top 10 or hang around.
    I got it so very wrong. I have to question myself now.
  9. Sometimes, less is more
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  10. Sometimes it works out.
  11. There are adlibs but they’re buried deep in the mix.
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  12. Releasing an Extended Version would be both pleasing to the ear and good for the streams, so I hope they do that.
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  13. It’s already their biggest hit outside of the UK since Woman Like Me and it’s consistently increasing on Spotify as we approach summer. It had its best day of streaming just yesterday (besides release day).

    I’m so pleased the girls get to just sit back and watch it smash, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for such an effortless hit.
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  14. ADM


    My friends said “Alexa play Little Mix Heartbreak Song” tonight and while I had to correct it was still a win.
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  15. I wish this was real. One of my favourites, wish it could've been a single.
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  16. Imagine if Heartbreak Anthem had a video as good / replayable as Sweet Melody.
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    The video is still really great though?? The wings get me every time.
  18. There’s one on Beatport.

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