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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Wait... this is good. Still top 3 on the album for me.
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  2. I know it’s said time and time again, on this forum, but Jade Thirlwall is a goddess.
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  3. I love A Mess (Happy 4 U). Definitely one of the best album tracks left on Confetti. It’s funny though, every time it comes on I imagine the girls singing it about Jesy.
  4. Get it, girls! Confetti showing longevity. Could they get a new peak?!

    Spotify UK
    13. Galantis, David Guetta, Little Mix - Heartbreak Anthem (+2) [NEW PEAK]
    26. Little Mix - Confetti (feat. Saweetie) (+6) [NEW PEAK]
  5. In the old days, this would have been a mega double A-side!

  6. Next stop - official!
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  7. How is Head & Heart still Top 10 or has Love Island started?
  8. Speaking of Love Island, if they haven’t already the girls need to get in the studio and record an acoustic version of Heartbreak Anthem for them to use in an inevitable dumping scene in Love Island!

    Promo is promo if it gets them another number 1 single
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  9. She’s definitely one of the best girl group members of all time (obv not just because of her looks).
  10. I love that Leigh’s swimwear range has done so well!

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  11. Wow! The music video is back to number 1 on iTunes too. I’m really surprised it’s doing THIS well with barely any promo (for obvious reasons). And for a gg of 10 years?! Legends only.
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  12. You need to join there team to be honest cause this is a genius idea !
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  13. I only recently twigged that it was filmed in Wilton’s Music Hall.
  14. ADM


    With it being Jesys birthday and Perrie and Leigh-Anne’s pregnancies, even though it’s like a not-spoken about thing here, I just really want to know what’s going on/gone on between the 4 girls. Have they been texting well wishes? Are they all invited to celebrations? A lot of it is wishful thinking but I can’t help but be nosey and what to know what’s going on.

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  15. On the official chart, it's at 47 - it'll just be the hangover of stations like Capital etc clinging on to it as a radio staple for the summer, hence why it's skewing on that particular chart.
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  16. An underrated bop to be honest

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  17. Think I'd put it in their videography's Top 5.
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  18. Can confirm the RSD pressing sounds a lot better than the splatter.
  19. Bounce Back deserved the Saturdays chart run it got.
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