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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I get that it’s easier for them but the difference shouldn’t be that abysmal.
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  2. RMK


    Little Mix could easily get better playlisting, they just don't seem to have international push anymore. Shout Out, Touch, and Woman Like Me all got dealt a good card on streaming.
  3. RJF


    I can't at this single, which sounds like something that would have been Ella Eyre's fourth attempt to get her debut album out in the day, being such a big hit for them.
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  4. I’m really not mad at the smashery. It’s no Touch / Sweet Melody / Move, but nor is it a Word Up / Cannonball / Oops / any of their shit album tracks / any of their shitty features.
  5. It’s a basic bop and, sometimes, that’s all you need.

    I still wonder what the 10 year anniversary plans will be (obviously something low key).

    I’m no expert but I struggle to believe Leigh is due in September (as loads of people have suggested). Her bump is already so big that I just can’t imagine another three months of growth!

    I also have zero clue about pregnancy and pregnancy bumps though so, I could also be way off.
  6. Syco just had better / bigger pull.
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  7. When the remixes for “Heartbreak Anthem” get released I have a feeling I am going to hear this all over New York City.
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  8. I think Heartbreak Anthem is exactly what they needed at this time. It’s catchy and very radio friendly so I think it’ll do a great job at keeping their name out there whilst they work on whatever else is to come.
  9. LMX who? Congratulations, Leigh!

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  10. Little Mix x Big Brands = building legend status

    love when a member/they do big brand deals
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  11. So you can be a business woman AND still release music?
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  12. When will Ella Eyre!
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  13. The locals are eating Heartbreak Anthem up aren’t they ? We love to see it !
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  14. Fuck, hope there is a chance for a Number 1 single. I want them to be the girlband with the most No.1 singles. One can only hope.
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  15. This feels all very exciting!
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  16. Heartbreak Anthem in the UK:

    #1 iTunes
    #1 Radio AirPlay
    #1 Shazam
    #2 Apple Music
    #3 Amazon Music
    #9 Spotify
  17. RMK


    I'd assume Spotify is the only thing holding it from the top spot?
  18. How long until Good 4 U hits that ACR thing? Basically, is there any hope of a number one in the next few weeks? Imagine streaming is going to keep steaming ahead for a while yet.
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  19. ADM


    If I’m not mistaken it’s 9 weeks on the charts or 3 consecutive declining weeks whichever comes first (I could be wrong there?) with Good 4 U in its 5th week and HA in it’s 4th.
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