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Little Mix - Best Group BRIT winners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Leigh's voice is so studio ready, it's crazy. She kills whatever she's given to sing, especially low bits and her enunciation is always on point in giving attitude.
  2. Oh yeah you’re right. I knew I was missing something after my post went thru. I think she also does the second half of the second chorus after Perrie. We’ll see how it goes in the video.
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  3. I love it, much much more than Heartbreak Anthem. It doesn’t sound like an Anne-Marie song as it’s so heavily Little Mix-d but I’m not that knowledgeable with her I only know her song with Clean Bandit. It’s a great song and has me excited for the next little mix album!
  4. Yeah me like a lot! I love their output this year. No demise in Mixers land.
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  5. So is it now official that Leigh-Anne is officially the pre-chorus girl? She has been for 10 years.
    I only wondered how this status would change as a threesome.
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  6. Too much Anne-Marie.
  7. I swear down I have no clue who’s singing what
  8. Kiss My is pretty basic, but the girls save it with their vocals/charisma. The lyrics are trash though.
  9. It's fun. It's probably my least favorite of the collab singles this era, but I'll get some mileage out of it.
  10. Ok I had a full dance party alone in my apartment with this on repeat, so it in fact, SLAPS
  11. This is another Platinum smash, at the very least. That fucking neat beat is crushing my skull this morning on my ride to work.
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  12. It’s fun!
  13. I like it, but it does sound a bit regressive for them. It’s very Get Weird / Glory Days.
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  14. LM take over.
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  15. They could get two songs in the top 5 if the Anne-Marie song smashes out of the gate which it should!!
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  16. It’s a massive bop but the mixing is a sin. It’s so compressed and loud that you can’t even differentiate who’s singing.
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  17. I want a performance.
  18. On first listen yesterday I just thought Leigh was doing both pre-choruses but now listening through headphones I’m pretty sure the second one goes Leigh first line, Anne-Marie second and then Jade third. We need the video!
  19. When is the music video out?
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