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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

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  2. New logo?!?! New song at the end?!?!
  3. Oh my goddddd. NEW SONG

  4. I think they're announcing the Greatest Hits on Thursday. I assume the new song will come in the following weeks.
  5. Already crying
  6. ADM


    Are they singing “Us”? The new logo is great!
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  7. ASSSSHHHHHH so excited. That's definitely a new song!
  8. Are you able to say if it’s a greatest hits with a few new songs or just one new song?
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  9. That new font face is so ugly, but yay for a new song
  10. This greatest hits is going to sell very well over Christmas, isn't it?
  11. Oh I have no idea sadly.
  12. Glad Cannonball was referenced. It really is incredible they’ve had ten years together with no breaks.

    I hope this Greatest Hits is a true celebration.
  13. It blows my mind that this is the same band that released Cannonball.
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    This already got me emotional. They really defied all odds, didn't they?
    If only it had been the four of them but I'm still glad we and the 3 of them get to have this

    I kinda hope they'll just include every single + collab (+ Wasabi) cause that will be one heck of a Greatest Hits
  15. I wonder if this is the song that Leigh-Anne teased lyrics to back in February.

    "We walked through the fire, and as the flames got higher, it made us survivors, yeah it made us fighters..."
  16. Oh yes we BETTER get a Megamix to go with their Greatest Hits.
  17. Wonder if they’ll do the signed CDs and vinyls again. Prepping my coins as we speak.
  18. MNEK has shared the post on his story which makes me wonder if he is involved in the new song?
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  19. Imagine if he’s produced a megamix!
  20. I feel so many feels about 10 years already. Watching them win the X Factor in 2011 feels like 20 minutes ago.
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