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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. At quite possibly the best time, Love (Sweet Love) finally clicked as a 10/10. Not sure what took so long.
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  2. I need MNEK to do a new Sweet Melody mix for tour so we can hear Perrie and Jade’s ‘doo doo’s’ - I do not want to hear that voice blasting out continually for the song that everyone is going to be waiting to hear.
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  3. Manifesting the Confetti (Problem-Free Version).
  4. I want them to succeed more than ever. I hope Between Us becomes a huge seller over the holidays and into the new year (that 5k preorder figure continues to haunt me) while Boxing Day breaks box office records and In-A-Seashell wins Brand of the Year at the Bikini Awards
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  5. The worst thing is that hammering the hits to support them will give her royalties. I can’t wait for new music that she’s not involved in.
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  6. I really wish it wasn’t too late to replace Woman Like Me with Love Me Like You on the greatest hits.
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  7. Yeah, they did that.

  8. Aside from the release of that diabolical solo single, last Friday marked the tenth anniversary of Little Mix's debut on The X Factor live shows.

    Leigh-Anne's rapped middle-eight (with lyrics not from the original song)... a chef's kiss -

  9. We need Kamille in the group, please.

  10. This is so cute to watch but also sad rewatching what they did to Leigh-Anne after her doc. She's so f*in strong in sharing her truth.
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  11. I-
  12. The way I wasn't going to bother buying this greatest hits and just stream it but this mess has just made me pre-order the boxset, Leigh-Anne's cassette and the super deluxe 2CD book, fff my bank account hates these girls.
  13. A Nicki Minaj song at that…
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  14. New meaning really.

    She used to sing me sweet melodies…

    Which would leave LM5 without representation on the single disc version ddd. The Ms. Banks version would’ve been the best compromise (and supporting another Black British woman at that!) but, as mentioned, it’s too late now for the physical editions so I doubt they’d go through to replace it on digital versions.
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Every single they've released since really. Even Love (Sweet Love) can be easily about selfcare instead of self sacrifice.
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  16. Yes, they have been but I was saying that the whole Jesy debacle adds another layer to “Sweet Melody” especially with her all over the background with said melody.
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  17. Sweet Melody is such an incredible pop song. I hope there'll be a day when they come together again and they'll celebrate what should've been a career high for all 4 of them.
  18. No.
  19. Coming soon!

    I seriously hope the song is about how they’re not letting someone back in their life who wants to come back. It would be too perfect.
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  20. Hey guys does anyone know what link Grace has to LIttle Mix and Jesy is?. I know she was predominantly Leigh Anne friend for years but they seemed to have a falling out last autumn 2020. I just watched a commentary video and the blogger referred to Grace as Jesy’ s manager. What do you know about this?
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