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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. Leigh Anne shouldn't say anything on the matter. She owes nobody anything. She should just emerge looking as stunning as always when she's ready.
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  2. The firs I knew of Grace being 'in Jesy's camp' was when she posted pictures of her signing her deal and Grace was there - I was shocked to see as I remember Grace as that extremely annoying friend who would shout constantly whenever they did a IG story. Another thing that Jesy can happily keep away from Little Mix for good too.
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  3. “I just wanna take that tongue outta your mouth
    Cause you keep on talking too loud.”

    That alone is enough. And it is going to be a single too. LM3 is coming to collect these problematic bitches ass.
  4. For the record, I didn't mean it in a 'they should overlook Jesy's actions for the sake of a 4 piece reunion', but it's truly astounding how 10 years of, what they and their collaborators claimed to be a tight friendship, was publicly binned in a few months and peaking last night with this pathetic promo op. Whatever the case is, because at the end of the day no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors, as much as we love to claim we do. I wish they would work these issues out and Jesy would own up to this disaster, privately and in public. It's hard to watch this unfold after being a fan for so long. They were the last band I expected this mess from and I want to be hopeful that they can be friends again.

    And what a shame to taint Woman Like Me in the process. It's not my favourite Little Mix single by any means, but to drag down one of their biggest hits in the process of supporting this clown for a mild-performing debut single... Nicki is deranged and I cannot believe she still has any sort of support within the pop community.
  5. It's obvious the past 10 years weren't as great as we thought, I doubt these rifts / not getting along started the past few years - but they made it work until it didn't.
  6. 2014

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    Leigh-Anne deserves the world.
  7. The "tight sisterhood" aspect the group led people to believe was obviously...not real, but it is a shame to see everything fall apart for the sake of a publicity stunt for Jesy's solo career launch.
  8. To be fair to them, they may have never thought they would be in this position. Speaking from a personal perspective, trying to support someone who is dealing with deep traumas can break a relationship. Maybe the girls' support was too overwhelming and pushed Jesy over the edge and instead of strengthening their bond, made her feel even more isolated? We truly won't know until we know.
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  9. They would often say that they would never argue which I always thought wasn’t the best thing as things tend to fester and then eventually you get a huge bust up which is what we’re seeing at the moment. Not saying that constantly arguing is the right way to go about things but I get the impression that they were walking on egg shells around her.
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  10. ADM


    Nobody Like You is in my head all morning and I've played it probably 5 times. What a song.

    But then, I feel so sad at what this has done to the legacy of their music (at the moment). I love Jesy on these songs, of course, but I can't help but want to give her the finger when I hear her on them.
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  11. I don't think it has ruined their legacy as such. Yeah, it's a mess, but we've always known Jesy to have no filter in general.
  12. Off topic but I am a bit annoyed how the Super Deluxe has a song from Jade and Perrie’s Vinyl bonus tracks but not from Leigh-Anne’s. “Nothing Feels Like You” should’ve been the one!
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  13. The Cut You Off snippet went from 170k views to 500k overnight...ddd

  14. They should just release it as a pre-album single or whatever they’re called these days.
  15. RMK


    Not in the way of owing anybody anything, but taking control of the narrative if she see's fit. Only if she feels it's necessary on her terms.
  16. I think so. Something slightly obscure such as. “I can’t speak about this in detail but there is a lot more to this and it’s probably better for all concerned that it’s not raked over.”
    Even if that’s said in an interview.
  17. I wish they'd press more pic discs, even if they wouldn't ship for a while. I'd order one just out of spite at this point.
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  18. I still remember the first time I heard Leigh-Anne's bridge in DNA being the moment that certified Little Mix as a group I'd stan stan.

    I know it was never a fan favorite but I absolutely loved Red Planet as it was the first time we got to see Leigh really take the lead on a song and with certified legend T-Boz at that. Though it may not have aged brilliantly, it's still one of my favorite album gems of theirs and that's mostly thanks to Legend Leigh-Anne. After X-Factor pushing her so hard plus the Zayn relationship, my biggest worry in becoming a Little Mix stan was how they'd push Perrie to be the lead over the other girls so seeing Leigh-Anne get a song that's mostly her was such a joy. I know how vile and racist the world is and after her getting few solo's on X-Factor, I was worried she'd be relegated to just a few lines per song and I am so glad that has not become the case. I vividly remember the conversations about Leigh-Anne being the "weakest singer" on so many forums and I was always defensive of her because I know what being a black girl, especially the only black girl in a pop band can be like. She may not have had the most technical or powerful voice but from day one her tone was lush and perfect for pop music. Her voice always perfectly fit with every song and style they sung. All the girls can sing, but despite what people who cosplay different races may think, none of the girls can bring the flair that only a black girl can and Leigh was vital in making them special to me.

    When Move came around, it quickly became one of my favorite girl group songs of all time and still remains that to this day. Seeing Leigh-Anne rock her gorgeous natural hair and absolutely serve in that Olivia Pope power-suit while slaying the bridge was a true moment. During the Get Weird era, I remember far too many fans criticizing Leigh-Anne's growls but I always found them as her finding her power and growing in it within the group. Perrie was the power vocalist, Jade was the voice of the gays, and the other one was there so seeing Leigh-Anne truly come into her own and SHINE on stage with an obvious new-found confidence was amazing to watch throughout all their performances during this time. The fact is Leigh-Anne IS Black Magic, both the song and personification. Her pre-chorus and then that final chorus are the best and most impactful parts of one of their biggest hits. Watching each powerful performance build to her sweetly bringing us to that joyous final chorus was great to watch each time they performed it. Her "miiiiiine" adlib here is one of the best across their discography.

    The Hair video was another moment for me because while it was obviously a fictional story for the video, it felt like the girls were truly there for each other and seeing the 3 of them come to console Leigh-Anne in it made us feel like the sisterhood was real. I know I Love You is a favorite of Leigh's and it's easily to see why because she completely eats her verse up. She's not belting but her voice is pure velvet. I've never wanted them to disband or pursue solo careers but this song almost tempted that because I truly believe her voice was made for pop music and I wanted more of it.

    There's not a person alive who can pull off shredded knitted panties other than Leigh-Anne Pinnock. We all know *that note* in Touch and I swear I've never been so teary-eyed over a note on so many occasions. She brings so much to the acoustic version of Touch. The video of the audience going ALL the way up for her and her voice being so magnetic that even [Redacted] does a double take is one of my favorite videos ever. Her look in the Power video also does not get nearly enough love. The locs. The boots. The bad bitchery of it all.

    Not quite even sure the point of this post anymore and know I'm beyond rambling or finding coherent thoughts at this point but I'm angry. I'm pissed off. And I'm mostly really sad about the past couple days. Leigh-Anne is one of the kindest, sweetest and talented celebrities I've seen and to see her dragged into this absolute mess is heart-breaking. I hope she knows what an icon and game-changing person she is to fans across the globe. I hope the people around her and the fans are sending their support and love to her because she does not deserve the bullshit being thrown at her thanks to three disgusting problematic individuals.

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  19. Love (Sweet Love) fully clicked with me today. These three queens have been on repeat all day!
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  20. I've always felt like the general public have a really unrealistic expectation about bands/groups and especially girl groups. There's zero recognition of the fact that they are coworkers - they have to be bestest best friends, and any tiny disagreement is made out to be a huge deal. That's not how human relationships work, full stop, period, at all. Everyone has their tiffs and off-days and whatever. And most people aren't spending 18, 20, 24 hours a day together, in an immensely stressful job that very few people understand. If they say anything about how tough fame can be, they're very often called "spoiled" etc.

    You can have a bond like sisters and you can still have your arguments. Who doesn't argue with their sister sometimes? The fact Little Mix might have had their moments doesn't mean they've been misleading everyone all these years. Although definitely the way it ended was made a bit more PR-friendly than the truth, but it was for the benefit of both sides. Unfortunately Jesy has thrown it back in their faces.
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