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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

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  1. Please stream Love (Sweet Love) cause I’m properly addicted to it!
  2. Re-record Happiness as a trio, ladies! Give it another go!

  3. Guys this is a MUST WATCH.
    Zach addresses the blackfishing and seems to have a stronger opinion on it now.
    He’s very team Leigh Anne and hints that this is because he has some bts tea around 20 mins in.
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Stop posting self-serving YouTube reaction videos challenge.
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  5. I love that she’s like that’s nice and all but what about the current single?

    Seriously though, it’s heart warming and to be able to show Leigh-Anne support like that is amazing.

    Jesy caught fuming that a 6 year old album track overtook her new release.
  6. Perhaps it should have been a recent single with the current line up?
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  7. Yeah, considering Jesy sings the first half and it's one of their worst songs.
  8. Yeah, “I Love You” mass buying is a nice gesture but “Love (Sweet Love)” is their debut single as a trio (outside of collaborations and a necessary re-recording) and without any input or thought of J*sy. Surely, it would’ve been better to mass but that.
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  9. Either way “I love you” has writing credits from Jesy. So she’s making money from
    It (great angle mixers).
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  10. Leigh-Anne wouldn’t have got the message that the fans have her back if Love (Sweet Love) gained traction suddenly - it would’ve seemed more like the controversy caused it to pick up again.

    I Love You climbing the charts is a pretty clear message to Leigh-Anne. I’m sure making her feel better is worth more than an ex member getting royalties.
  11. I believe in free choice. You don’t have to watch it. I think he made some interesting point with regard to hints of what Leigh Anne may have said to Jesy behind the scenes and why she tolerated it.
  12. I love this viral for them, the quotes and replies appreciating their talent. This was such a satisfying performance, it proved that they were just as strong as a trio, not to mention it happened right after her initial absences. The one-two punch of that Secret Love Song live and this Sweet Melody one of the three of them stomping vocally and performance-wise is iconic.

    There wasn't a single mediocre live performance of them as a trio where you'd need to say "Oh she's just left, it will get better". They ate.

    While we're at it, all their trio performances so far have been amazing.
  13. ADM


    It's crazy to think that those performances were less than a year ago and now two of them have THREE children between them. Queens.

    EDIT: I never mentioned that SLS is there best vocal performance ever and Break Up Song goes disco on Strictly was everything.
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  14. I wasn’t a particular fan of the pastichiness of “Break Up Song” but it works sooooo much better for me as a trio song. It came out too early.
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  15. The Jonathan Ross performance is one of my all time favourites of theirs.
    So clean and crisp.
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  16. That Sweet Melody performance was completely wasted on Jonathan Ross' tiny viewership.
  17. I still have hopes we're served a Sweet Melody live next year on the BRITs, if we don't get the medley we deserve. Hopefully if it's just one song, it's not Heartbreak Anthem.
  18. Not a single miss, they came on this mad as hell, ex-member blocking them on social media, planning their pregnancies, career on a new high, had nothing to lose
  19. The Sun is claiming the girls only found out Jesy was leaving from her Instagram post. If that’s real it’s bizarre that they found out at the same time we did.
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