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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

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  1. It isn't out before the album though.
  2. i’m cackling
    I can’t read
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  3. I'm not gonna link to it, but The Scum have just put out an article saying they'll be taking a break after the tour and are already talking to labels/management about solo deals etc.

    Hardly a surprise, really.
  4. Chuckling at the exact phrasing of this.
  5. Can anyone tell me if there is any Jade ad-lbs in the new songs?
  6. I absolutely love Between Us. And I'm crying with you, girls!
  7. Between Us is their best ballad since Grammy in Me.
  8. I'm not ready for them to be done. I hope this Jesy situation has thrown a spanner in the works and spurs them on even more.

    Also seeing her solo career launch should put them off going solo.

    Either way I hope they really do become a Take That kind of band in the sense of coming back together whenever they feel like making an album.
  9. Plenty
  10. ADM


    I don't think they can really use her as an example when it's been seen as the one of if not the biggest solo launch disaster ever, they'd never make the same mistakes (would anyone really..).
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  11. The final chorus where one of the girls (can’t make out if it’s Perrie or Jade) comes in and does a descending BELTTTT over the hard beat in Cut You Off - I’m LIVINGGGGG for this song.
  12. It’s crazy how watching old videos back, you can really resent one member for their actions. The Bounce Back video hits differently.
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  13. So you’re telling me the Barbz leaked the songs as retaliation?

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  14. I don't want this to happen, I really really don't
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  15. Damn, Leigh sounds fantastic on Cut You Off whereas Jade has mimic'd Ari's enunciation skills. The beat is insane and way better than "Gloves Up." It will go off in the clubs too.

    Between Us made me cry. I swear, I will not be ready for their inevitable hiatus. "Remember the day we finally found our wings"... It's the big sister to More Than Words and Nothing Else Matters.
  16. It’s Jade. I really like the song.
  17. I think a break was inevitable to be honest. They’ve more than earned one.
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  18. I really like all three songs.
    Trash is really catchy.
    The song market with an “e” in the tracklist, is the one we haven’t heard yet. Crossing my fingers and hoping that “outta your mouth” and “No” are the same song.
  19. Between Us is giving me Survivor more than Say Goodbye, or even Goodbye. But maybe that's wishful thinking.

    It's my favorite of the three, though I still slightly prefer Love (Sweet Love). Cut You Off is a good bop though. Trash has a catchy chorus but other than that I don't care for it on first listen.
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  20. I so want a full album of OT3 before the hiatus.
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