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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

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  1. Same. A hiatus makes sense, but I just need a full LM3 album to be happy
  2. The way I no longer know where to find l34ks anymore…

    Guess I’m waiting until November to hear these!

    Justice for “Bounce Back”!
  3. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but screaming at the silver lining being that when you search for it all you get is articles about Leigh’s leaked DMs.

    Maybe our girls won in the end.

    Between here and then, I’m only going to stream OT3’s songs. Sorry not sorry but knowing that the Barbz leaked the song, I just can’t stand looking at or listening to anything that has Jesy or Nicki in it.
  4. Wow I am so behind, but I have been exploring their entire catalogue, as I did not know much about Little Mix. Damn these girls have amazing songs and I wonder where the heck was I all this time.....oh waiting for the Sugababes. There are just too many songs I am loving.
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  5. Cut You Off has Sweet Melody replay value. It’s so catchy and their vocals are a dream! It’s in my top 5 LM songs now. I can’t wait to hear it on tour with a dance break after Jade’s middle 8 and the lights going wild.
  6. I'm treating this thread like a general discussion ddd

    What is the consensus on Forget You Not? Bop or BOP? Or is it just me thats horrified that it was left off the main edition of LM5.

    Also, all these reactions to Cut You Off are getting me excited not gonna lie! Gonna hold out until its released to listen to it.
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  7. I think Perrie was horrified too. There's a video somewhere of them talking about the album tracks and she's livid when she hears Forget You Not was relegated to a bonus track.
  8. Kanye's toilet last year
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  9. It was obvious a hiatus/split was coming after the tour, so thats not a surprise.
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  10. Between Us for Brits performance please. Ballad performance showing off vocals on a show that millions watch is long overdue.
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  11. Aww Leigh got a baby kick within the first 30 seconds of the video.

    I love this woman to pieces & I hate that she’s going through so much shit.
  12. Have you guys seen this?
    A mega mix of 10 years worth of little Mix songs.
    It’s really good IMO.
  13. 'Album by Album' sounds odd. Do they mean 'Track by Track'?
  14. ADM


    They probably should have titled it "Little Mix - Album by Album: DNA".
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  15. BOP BOP BOP BOP. It’s top 5 Little Mix for me.

    I wish Perrie had picked it as one if her individual bonus tracks so we could get it on vinyl.
  16. ADM


    HOW do people do this. Incredible.
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  17. That TLC shade though haha
  18. Forget You Not is their best song.
  19. Sweet Melody is their best song for me, everything about it is so perfect.

    It's unfortunate I can't listen to it anymore though because it reminds me way too much of someone I'd rather forget.
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