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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

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  1. @ the girlies who have listened to the new tracks:

    How does it hold up as new tracks on a Greatest Hits for a British girlband? Is it TEN/Sound of Girls Aloud levels of serve? Or is it more of a The Saturdays level…..offering?

    No shade, love a bit of 808, but it’s cute next to TEN’s gorgeous x
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  2. For me it’s rather TEN, as both songs are at least a 8/10 for me… and I have a feeling that No is actually going to be the strongest song of the new bunch.
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  3. Between Us is good but the other two, in my opinion are not. Cut You Off had potential but is ruined by the fact you can barely make out what is being said in the verses.
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  4. First and foremost 808 was a whole ass bop fest. They really did that.

    I would say… a bit of both TEN and Finest Selection? I say both because the energy of FS was up there. They really made the best of what they had. TENs quality (On The Metro and Every Now And Then are those GIRLSSSS)

    Then again, we haven’t heard No…. I’d lean it more towards TEN in terms of quality and sound. They sound like this is totally the direction LM3 would take.

    Honorable mention to Cut You Off and Between Us. Trash has really grown on me… (in the 12 hours I listened to it lewlllll)
  5. Cut You Off and Love Sweet Love would be highs on Confetti.
  6. Okay now I’m really keen.

    If these tracks are even remotely close to the collapse that was Something New/On The Metro/Every Now And Then. Imagine if Bop Sweet Bop was the Beautiful Cause You Love Me of the group. A dream.

    808 is a jam btw! But TEN >>>> Finest lbr
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Nah Between Us is the Beautiful here.
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  8. I love Between Us and Cut You Off but they don’t touch the brilliance of On The Metro and Every Now And Then. Lead single wise Something New also wins over Love (Sweet Love) for me.

    There’s no Beautiful Cause You Love Me to be found here thank god.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Something New at the time lived up to the title (for them at least).
    Everything I've heard thusfar from Between Us is very much what we've come to expect from Little Mix. Slots right in with the old stuff, not a bad thing, but definitely 'greatest hits fillers' over 'brand new era launchers'.
    (But then we also got Heartbreak Anthem and Kiss My... poor No Time For Tears)
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  10. Cut You Off really seems like a strong track after repeated listens and it stucks in your head. I find Between Us on the other hand a cute introspective song but I don't have desire to play the leak again.
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  11. People really out here paying “Walking Through The Desert” dust, shaking my head at this. I also think “808” as single would’ve also allowed The Saturdays to end on a consistent note instead of flopping with “What are you waiting for?”

    No, they mean they’re gonna do a little chat about each album they’ve released within the decade span of Little Mix. I like it, unexpected honestly but it shows me that they actually care about their albums instead of just using them to launch singles.

    I didn’t see much shade, just a reference to that “viral” video.
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I know leaks aren’t really a big deal in 2021, but the fact that it was apparently done by a Barb is so exhausting. I can't believe what was supposed to be such a celebratory time for them has been marred by so much grossness (nothing of which they had anything to do with).

    I still can’t get over how humiliating it must feel to have a previous collaborator (and someone you looked up to) publicly hurt you the way Nicki did. I wonder if the Ms Banks version of Woman Like Me will be used for future performances or if we’ve actually seen the last of that song because of everything’s that’s happened. Nicki feels like such an integral part of the song and I feel like she's basically ruined its existence now, which is so unfortunate because it's one of their biggest hits ever and LM5's sole major hit.
  13. Trash bops a bit even if it's basic.

    A friend of mine mentioned they did wonders to Mabel's demo which was terrible.
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  14. They could always revive the original demo’s bridge:
  15. Don't joke about that.
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  16. No has just leaked.
  17. BOP.
  18. Mega bop.

    This isn't midtempo though?
  19. Well if Nicki didn’t taint the song now, this really has.
  20. Yeah leaks mean nothing in 2021, something to be thankful to streaming for. Most of my friends are die hard Little Mix fans yet have listened once and will wait until it’s on streaming to play again.
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