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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. No = MEGA bop!
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  2. No sounds great. Leigh-Anne opening the song with 'woke up feeling like the baddest bitch I've ever known' especially in light of everything going on felt absolutely euphoric. I don't mean this to be shady but the chorus sounds like a The Saturdays song I can't place, but in a good way

    Still a teensy pressed about no Outta Your Mouth, though. I've really been looking forward to that.
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  3. RMK


    Only a minute in, No definitely slaps. Definitely took Sweet Melody's lead with how that beat kicked in. If this is their last release for awhile, they'll definitely be leaving the charts on a high note.
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  4. This is joyous! Love that it weaves in album tracks as well as the singles. Need to put some time aside to watch the whole thing!
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  5. This is incredible!
  6. All the unreleased songs sounds great, too bad Love (Sweet Love) is probably the weakest of them all
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  7. What other of their songs do Trash and No sound like, guys? Just the first ones that pop up. I’m hella excited.
  8. I would say Trash is an update on the DNA album sound. No is more fresh, I don't think it sounds like any of their songs.
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  9. Ok so where can I hear "No"?
  10. I think No is definitely their best shot at a huge hit here. Mega bop indeed and radio friendliest. Cut You Off is such a bop too and while not quite as catchy, it's close and could be huge in it's own right imo...especially given the circumstances with Jesy. Between Us is simply gorgeous and I echo that it's one of their best ballads. Trash is there.. inoffensive bop.. the lyrics of a Get Weird track with the beat of a LM5 track.
    1. No
    2. Cut You Off
    3. Love (Sweet Love)
    4. Between Us
    5. Trash
  11. Thanks!! I’m a sucker for songs with one-word title. Hella perched!!!
  12. Cut You Off is a monster bawp?! I love it. Can't wait for HQ.
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  13. I understand why they didn't go with it at the time because of the optics but in hindsight Cut You Off really should have been the lead for this.
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  14. Oooh. From what you guys are saying this ‘No’ song sounds good. Also sounds like it is screaming choreography. Which leaves me conflicted since they couldn’t have done that. Or don’t be able to.
  15. The melody in the chorus of No reminds me of "You got that left, right, left, leave 'em coming back for more" from Mabel's God Is A Dancer.
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  16. Holy shit, the melody only or the vibe too? Gawd.
  17. I'm assuming during release week they'll do what they've done in the past with songs like Black Magic/Love Me Like You and they'll promote Love (Sweet Love) and No together. At least I'm hoping.
  18. That's what the metadata says.
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Between Us seems like a closer track though, but we'll have to await the CD tracklists I guess.
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  20. Totally agree; it's weird. According to Wikipedia though, Cut You Off is the last track on the standard, and the new tracks are in the middle of the second disc of the super deluxe.
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