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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I love her voice but her solo input is the one I'm the least intrigued about, my mind automatically goes to a meandering Jo O'Meara solo album type of thing when I try to think of what it would sound like. I would more than welcome a surprise though!
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  2. I think when I try and picture what Perrie's solo music would sound like I mostly picture Little Mix's music. With Leigh-Anne I could see her doing something like Unapologetic era Rihanna - mostly r&b and hip-hop with some poppier stuff thrown in. With Jade I see the opposite - mostly pop, with some r&b thrown in, maybe something like the Dangerous Woman album. With Perrie.... I picture Touch and No More Sad Songs and Holiday. Which would be great! To invoke another girl group, it's kind of like Nadine - pretty much everyone just wanted her solo career to be solo Girls Aloud songs.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Any one of them doing Little Mix-like on their own feels so odd to imagine and like.. such a waste? Might as well just do it together
  4. I am living for the chorus of No,
  5. I imagine Jade’s solo efforts will be a stomping, camp, glittering affair.
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  6. I don't think the solo deals will all necessarily end up being music-related. It would be fun if all three of them occupied the Top 3 positions in the charts, though. Leigh will end up doing films, Perrie probably with her clothing and merchandise line and Jade will be the most likely to release some solo music or just stay behind the scenes like Nicola Roberts did.
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  7. No is another smash, I fear.

  8. I love how many celebrities love them. Obviously, Nicki can fuck off, but still...
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  9. Seriously has Leigh Anne’s voice changed a lot? This era I’m really appreciating her voice. Always have but it sounds more …. Just much better. For example I prefer her prechorus on cut you off to when Perrie did it. Hearing Perrie’s take made me realise how elite Leigh’s was. Plus her vocals on both the verse and pre chorus in Love Sweet Love had me raising my eyebrows.
  10. I'm loving Between Us very much!
  11. Jade will defiantly do some solo music. I also think she will be the one with the most success. I can see her release stuff like “Wasabi” and “Outta your mouth”. I really like the sound of the leaked clips. “Loving it” and “What they do”. If that is an indicator of what her solo stuff will be, then I am really here for it.
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  12. Addicted to No. The whole thing bops to be honest, not skipping any of the five.
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  13. Loving No!

    Meghan Trainor is out there somewhere shaking.
  14. My name is NO, my sign is NO, my number is… NO.
  15. Praise God — they finally swear on No without any stupid sound effects! They delivered an EP with so many bops!
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  16. Perrie doing anything other than music feels wrong. That voice cannot stay behind the scenes. I don’t care if she flops, she can do the festival circuit like Nadine. She was born to sing.

    I feel we’ll stan Jade’s solo career and she’ll provide the bops.
  17. I might be selfish but the more successful any individual one of them are or all of them are as solo artists, then to me the less likely I feel there will be a reunion. That to me is more important than their solo careers. Sorry not sorry.
    I would love to see their solo stuff and for them to be successful. However that might be the trade off.
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  18. I’m not the slightest bit interested in Little Mix as solo artists.
  19. Why is this thumbnail killing me.
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  20. I really hope they end up releasing a full studio album as a trio! I hope they don't do the classic go on hiatus then never come back move.
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