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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I really hope they release an official between us megamix
  2. Yeah, it’s about that time!
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  3. If there was a hiatus after the tour what would be on your wish list for them to do between now and then?
    Mine would be

    Nov 21- Dancing on ice performance of Between us
    Dec 21 Strictly performance of Between Us
    Feb 22- Brit performance - sweet melody-sweet love-confetti mashup
    March 22 - Itv special -A night in with lit mix
    June 22- final performance Queen’s jubilee - between us

    Jonathan Ross too. Is there a royal variety show this year or next? Get them on that too.

    I have no idea what their single release schedule is so I just worked with between us being a winter release. I see this as a final single so it seems strange to think if then release another song after and one that’s uptempo.
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  4. This thread is too much.
  5. Of all the potential things they could do before taking a break and Dancing On Ice is top of the list...

    (Which doesn’t air until January anyway)
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  6. The ideal is a Greatest Hits + Happiness Tour
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  7. In before someone mentions Carpool Karaoke.
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  8. What are "Lit Mix" doing on their night in, puffing on joints and debating whether to order a curry or a Chinese?
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  9. If they really had been “puffing on joints” they’d be ordering both.
  10. Listening to the podcast — love how Maegan Cottone describes the girls' voices. They are some of the best vocalists, especially Perrie with that range. Can they release all the explicit versions on the greatest hits album?
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  11. I'm literally listening to the same podcast at work right now haha! Jade truly is the chameleon like she says.

    Am I right in thinking that Leigh-Anne used to be the weakest of the four when they started out and she has improved by leaps and bounds since, or was I delusional back then? During my recent smashing of Think About Us, I was kinda taken back by her absolutely lush pre-chorus vocals, especially the second set.
  12. They need to perform Happiness on the tour.
    I really want them to perform No more sad songs. It’s my favourite song, and the crowd always seem to really like it.
    They can ditch Wings, but I know it won’t happen.
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  13. Well I’m going to say ‘lit mix’ wasn’t even a typo because it’s quite fitting. Maybe even a better name………

    I guess you guys have forgotten about the Itv music specials they did a handful of years ago.
    A NIGHT WITH (Will Young) (Beyoncé)
    THIS IS (Justin Bieber) (Lionel Ritchie) (Michael Bible). Even Jls had their own one.

    I’ve always felt Little or lit Mix was deserving of one too and there’s good reason to join it with the 10 year celebration theme. It’s a better alternative to the Apple Music festival cos this is hosted and they’d be in between couch interviews and questions from the audience.
  14. I lowkey want them to never drop Wings because it always goes all the way off live. I've not listened to the studio version in years at this point but its always a treat live.
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  15. ADM


    Thinking about it too, Jesy, I would say, isn’t ‘vital’ on Wings, it took me a second to realize where she was on the song just now.
  16. Props where they're due though, she sold the song the best in a live setting. Jesy was very much the groups hype woman.
  17. ADM


    Ironic now, really (no Little Mix Jesy hate here). I agree though Wings really does go off live even if the lyrics are a bit juvenile or something.
  18. 'Wings' isn't too my taste, but it's such an important song for them. And from the interviews about DNA I really do agree with what Leigh Anne said, it sounds like a quintessential Little Mix song - it doesn't feel like it's chasing what other girl groups were doing and did an amazing job of branding them from the off.
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It was a bit Cheetah Girls though, wasn't it?
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  20. You say this but a 'Gloves Up' / 'Salute' mashup could easily happen.
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