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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. If I remember correctly, the hats backing track in the chorus of No is basically lifted from Sweet Melody too. Wouldn’t be surprised if people find them
  2. If we were to redo the Little Mix discography rate, Sweet Melody would surely win. It edges out Touch for me.

    Can someone get behind that?
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  3. RainOnFire

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    Sweet Melody being their best song ever, getting that video, managing to hit #1 after weeks of stress because RCA wouldn't do anything until the last minute, charting for however many weeks after a string of less-than-stellar chart performances, and somehow being the catalyst for shit hitting the fan for them as a group... an iconic and bittersweet moment in history.

    I have to say though, the fact that it's been sliding down their most popular on Spotify and is now in danger of being surpassed by Love Me Or Leave Me (?!) is so distressing.

  4. I remember not really digging the dance break because of the camera work, but they still delivered a great performance nonetheless! Leigh is such a star!
  5. I can’t wait for Sweet Melody to be performed in front of a crowd, because it will go off.
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  6. My only thing here is was there any need for that horrendous CGI. Performance was killer though, it will always be my #1 favourite song from them.
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  7. You just know that Sweet Melody will be the encore on the tour. It will go off.
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  8. Which songs do you think will be performed on the tour?
    Black magic
    Shout out to my ex
    Secret love song
    Break up song
    Heartbreak anthem
    Love (sweet love)
    Sweet melody

    These are the ones I am sure of. Some may be in a medley, like Black magic and Only you were on the last tour.

    I also think they will perform:
    No more sad songs
    Kiss my
    Reggaetón lento
    and Some of the new songs on Between us and maybe some more album tracks from Confetti.

    I am curious about Woman like me, Only you, Think about us, Wasabi, Move, Love me or leave me. (I think all of them could be performed, but I am not sure)

    Bounce back, Love me like you, Hair, Little me, Change your life, Word up, No time for tears, DNA, How ya doin’ are most likely not going to be performed.
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  9. I’ve had my profile since 2005 and Little Mix are in my top 10 most played artists. The fact that Happiness and Sweet Melody are already in my top 10 most played Little Mix songs shows what power they’ve had over me this past year. Classics.
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  10. I wonder if how they’re gonna replace Jesy’s “do-do-do”s for the live version. Maybe MNEK can do them…
  11. Leigh-Anne does the third set of them on the album version, so they could just use those throughout. Although I think I remember reading they all recorded them but Jade and Perrie’s weren’t used.
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  12. I thought it was Perrie’s before the first chorus?
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  13. Maybe they will use Leigh-Anne’s.
    I think Jade will sing her verse in Happiness, Perrie will sing the first verse in Holiday and Leigh-Anne the middle eight.
  14. Nailed On:
    Black Magic
    Secret Love Song
    Shout Out To My Ex
    Woman Like Me
    Break Up Song
    Sweet Melody
    Heartbreak Anthem
    Love (Sweet Love)

    Highly Likely:
    No More Sad Songs
    Reggaeton Lento
    Kiss My (Uh Oh)
    Between Us
    Cut You Off

    Pray to God:
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  15. The only album tracks from Confetti I can see making the setlist is Gloves Up & Happiness.
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  16. We need it. We need it now.

  17. Shaking etc
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  18. I'd be surprised if Woman Like Me makes the cut.
  19. Jade acknowledging THAT megamix. I will forever stan you, hun!
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