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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I think Black Magic did better radio wise and was performed at the Teen Choice Awards (even though, this was already past their peak relevance). I think Little Mix were at a point where they were known twitter entities within the states, but weren't really famous. If anything, they remind me of most K-Pop groups and their fame currently within the States. (Obviously, not on the level of the two big ones)
  2. All of Little Mix's success in the US can really be whittled down to word of mouth and social media from Gen Z and Millennials (primarily gay) that promote them (ie, talk about them, play their music at a party, post about them etc) to the general public. Yes, there have been a handful of talk show and award show performances but I think we can all agree that doesn't move the needle as much as one would expect. General Americans are most familiar with Wings, then possibly Black Magic or Shoutout as those have slowly gotten more plays in public over the years (I do hear these in more public spaces now)
  3. NDAs must still be in place, because they said very little about the label switch. Interesting to hear from MNEK that the girls have way more decision-making power today.
  4. I love the Little mix mums. Jade’s mum cracks me up.
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  5. I was just gonna say, they hyped this up to ultimately them just saying it was shit (we been knew girlies). Also very curious how they never mentioned Woman Like Me or Think About Us in any sort of capacity? So much of the discussion was around Strip, which in hindsight wasn't that impactful? or am I wrong there
  6. RMK


    Yeah, I don't look back and only think about Piers Morgan either. Probably the first episode that didn't uncover as much.
  7. I hope Jade is around for the LM5 listening party because that’s where she usually spills tea, and she also writes in the chat while the songs are playing...
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  8. This is a weird way to spell Zerrie shippers dddd.

    The moment the 1D connection fell apart, so did any opportunities for US success.
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  9. No one’s cares about Zerrie, especially the gays…
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  10. I don't know where you stay but Black Magic was all over radio where I stayed at but in any event my previous point still stands is disappointing nonetheless their not big here technicalities or not
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    I cannot wait for "No" to be officially released - it's fucking incredible. It hasn't left my head since I heard it.
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  12. That was...... my point, that it wasn't random gays propping them up but the pushing of Perrie's celebrity and her relationship. Any actual, quantifiable public interest in the US ended after Get Weird, regardless of twink hype on Twitter now.
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  13. lol ok hun, believe that!
  14. Shout Out received a huge reaction and was arguably their biggest hit, the label just didn't act quick enough sending it to radio and then changed singles mid-campaign. So this doesn't apply.
  15. The energy of this post is so.... hostile and very *loves girl groups, resents that 95% of everything girl groups do is marketed to young women, not grown adult men, in mind*. It's not exactly edgy in 2021 to hate One Direction for their music being aimed at young girls or resent that Little Mix's US strategy was to use them as a springboard!

    And who was Shout Out To My Ex both about and campaign framed around?

  16. Ooof who’s the hostile one here?
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  17. Bottom line is: they have no actual US hits. Heavy rotation on a Forever 21 playlist or your local college pop radio station doesn’t count. The casual top hits loving person in the US won’t know who they are even after all those US performances. It’s just the unfortunate reality of their situation; Even they admit they never truly broke through in America and they lament that (because it is unfortunate).
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  18. I remember I was in Virginia for a 3day work trip and I must heard Black Magic at least 4times each day we had the radio on.
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  19. This page...
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  20. I genuinely don't recall a time there was ever a public interest in Little Mix here in the US, but their early albums chart success seemed very insular and, yes, related to One Direction.

    Is that really a controversial take?!
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