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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I find it hard to understand why they (or any group) would annouce a split. A hiatus, yes, but everyone knows there'll almost certainly be a reunion at some point so why be so final about it? But then The S*n is pretty much always right when it comes to Little Mix...
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  2. It's not a hiatus if you never come back.
  3. I obviously don't know for sure, but I feel like a hiatus would have happened even if Jesy hadn't left, with Perrie and Leigh-Anne having babies.

    What's frustrating is like someone said earlier, the general public will probably think "haha they couldn't hack it as a trio", when I know they can absolutely still smash the charts.
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  4. This is one of the main reasons why I am hoping against hope that the hiatus thing ends up being s rumour. I need them to prove everyone wrong and succeed as a trio.
  5. I think the fact this was in the cards before Jesy left was also probably a key factor to her leaving, that and the fact Leigh-Anne told her to stop with the blackfishing, wanting to be the breakout star, her own mental health, wanting to make the type of music she loves - in that order.
  6. In one of their interviews yesterday they said hopefully they’ll still be performing in 10 years time.

    it was this one. I think.
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  7. Announcing a hiatus is stupid, but also genius when it comes to flogging greatest hits albums and a tour. They'll be back in a few years, what's more scary is I'll be closer to 40 by then!
  8. RMK


    The Sun gives their information but is also all about clickbait. Hiatus/split will mean the same to them. It seems clear the girls simply just want a break to focus on other ventures for a sec, regardless of what term is expressed in a tabloid.
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  9. So besides naming Sweet Melody as her favorite Little Mix song, Jade was talking about a Spice Girls documentary and that she’d love to have one about them in 20 years even though she hopes that they‘ll still be going by then and performing with new music and stuff (with Perrie and Leigh eagerly nodding along).
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  10. Ugh Jade isnt on the Glory Days stationhead....
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  11. At least they're acknowledging it's a greatest hits album!
  12. I guess she won't be there for the remaining ones as they'll be busy now.
  13. Literally came here to post this! Haha. ET Canada are stans. I love seeing the Canadian press with them, although it is usually just ET Canada, but I'll take what I can get at this point.
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  14. Not to be a buzz kill, but again, they’re not really saying they’ll always be a music group. They’re more saying they’ll always be friends.
  15. Yeah, I agree. Just posted because it hadn’t been but I feel like they’re maybe only denying a split, but the hiatus is obvious.
  16. Between us, the song, is out:)
  17. The clip of Between Us sounds so much better in HQ than the 128kbps leak I've been hammering for the last few weeks. Less than an hour to go. Edit: It's out!

    I love that they feed us with bops but when they do a ballad they're usually solid. Secret Love Song Pt. 2, Love Me Or Leave Me, Monster In Me and Nobody But You especially.
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  18. Between Us is a stunner! Such a beautiful song.
  19. It's so classy to release a song about friendship and sticking together a week after Jesy implied they were the ones causing drama over nothing.
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