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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. Having listened to the MGK version of No More Sad Songs a grand total of one time, I had completely forgotten about the little extra flourishes. I might try working on a solo Single Version.
  2. The Graham Norton appearance will also be shown on the same day as Boxing Day is released, hopefully Leigh can talk a bit about it.

  3. Honestly LOVE that cover.
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  4. So wait, did Jade basically confirm that Happiness was supposed to be the lead Confetti single with the video filmed in Brazil?
  5. Has anyone had the shipping confirmation from the official store? Was hoping to whack the vinyl on tomorrow when I get in from work, but alas, no email.
  6. Especially early December when everybody is blasting Xmas tracks and getting into a cozy mood.
  7. She mentioned in another interview that Holiday’s music video was supposed to have been filmed in a jungle in Brazil so it seems like they had a lot of plans?

    Also, the DIY Mag website is back up and so is their interview which was pretty great:
  8. I’ve had one for the Spotify vinyl.
  9. Jade has spilled some more tea about the tour. No time for tears, Love (sweet love), Only you, Between us an No, will be in the setlist. And if I am not wrong, she confirmed Happiness aswell.
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  10. RMK


    I'd assume a performance of Between Us works well since they probably haven't gotten back in the swing of learning new choreo for a song like 'No'.
  11. I reckon we'll get a performance of No on another show.
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  12. Really, really good interview, even though you can tell that Jade is taking over in most interviews (obviously the other two have their hands full with their babies). This one especially is mostly filled with her quotes.
  13. Break up song, Sweet melody and Gloves up are also confirmed for the tour. If they end up not performing Happiness, I will riot!
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  14. This is the one I went for too. Signed. It’s gorgeous. Going to replace the signed confetti I have on my wall for sure
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  15. Breathe won't be performed on the tour, it seems.
  16. It won't be missed.

    I'm so glad they will perform Gloves Up. I love it
  17. Jade on the Confetti listening party:

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  18. I hope they do a mashup of Gloves Up with Salute. I have pictured that for ages now.
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  19. Hopefully this is because they used the Video Version which has the Single Version’s little flourishes and beefed-upness (which I do enjoy) but incorporates the intro and out from the Album Version (and is thus the superior version).
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  20. I can't stop playing between us.
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