Little Mix - Between Us

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I'd love their return trio performance to be a massive mashup.
Start with "Between Us" the 1st verse/chorus dressed like the Deluxe album cover with them all wearing a blue dress that covers the stage that's torn away to reveal some hot outfits for a verse and chorus of "No" into a dance break then a mashup of
"Cut You Off/Sweet Melody" with a tonne of dancers.
It's time to make a statement.
I never listened to the new tracks when they leaked but Little Mix have really been on fire lately, haven’t they? I’m so proud of them.

I genuinely enjoy all the newer tracks except Heartbreak Anthem but right now it’s: No > Between Us > Trash > Love (Sweet Love) > Cut You Off > Kiss My (Uh Oh)
Anyone know if there's a hold-up on the vinyl? My GoldenDiscs order (the 3 member vinyls) & my store order (includes Jade's picture disc) have yet to ship.
Y’all were doing THE most, the Galantis remix is lazy. It’s like 80% the same except for the chorus and some minor effects to the production.

In saying that, I MUCH prefer it. The chorus annoys me less with all the distortion. Dddd
The Galantis remix is hideous but the UK loves those so I wouldn't count on it hurting its chances of smashing.
Weirdly, only Apple Music and Capital are pushing the remix. Radio 1, Spotify etc are pushing the original and even on Apple Music the original is out streaming the remix despite the Galantis mix having much better playlisting. A bit chaotic.
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